(C506-Review) Join Izora on the path she forged in this review of Fluff’s Fury #1

Fluff’s Fury #1 presents us with a wonderful story developed by 2/3 Comics, where the action doesn’t stop for a second. Continue with us and discover what we have for you in this review!

Fluff’s Fury  is a 40 page, full color comic following the young woman Izora as she seeks revenge for the death of her teddy bear Lt. Col. Fluffington.

The first chapter of this series gives us a first look at Izora, giving us a short flashback about Izora’s motivations and the reason for her search.

Throughout Fluff’s Fury #1 presents us an excellent narrative, being an excellent presentation both for the arduous readers of comics, and for all those people who wish to read a comic for the first time.

The story, for its part, is full of action, giving us an epic encounter between Izora and our antagonist, General Eavheal, who has more than one surprise for us in this story.

And speaking of the art of Fluff’s Fury #1… we can tell you that it’s wonderful, it presents immersive action sequences, and it has a very striking color contrast, being a visual delight for the reader.

And after reading this amazing introductory issue, we can only tell you that we look forward to the next issue in the series.

The verdict

Fluff’s Fury #1 presents us a story of adventure and action, masterfully developed and with incredible art, and it is worth highlighting the work of Johnny Segura 3rd and Matt D. Chambers 3rd, who gave us an unforgettable story.

Fluff’s Fury #1 concluded with an open ending, perfect for a sequel, but thanks to 2/3 comics, we will have that second part closer than you think, you can pre-order your copy of Fluff’s Fury #2 now, and if you are hearing about this project until now, you can order from the first number in https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/auronasia/fluffs-fury-2?ref=project_link&fbclid=IwAR0XthoQRnDDs-OSR73OzTfGl6Rp3h9hOo038FtQGiw3qzSjnQGAYiNHwoU

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