5FINITY Productions presents George Webber’s Blast-off Girls! Pin-up Comic Book

5FINITY Productions is back on Kickstarter again to present George Webber’s Blast-off Girls! Pinup Comic Book. Continue with C506 and discover what it is about.

5FINITY Productions is a producer and purveyor of sketch cards, comic books, art prints, and art books. Licenses include, or have included, Archie Comics, Bettie Page, Voltron, Lady Death, Josie and the Pussycats, Billy Tucci’s Shi, Painkiller Jane, Zorro, Sheena, Dean Yeagle’s Mandy, Hack/Slash, Zenescope Entertainment, Larry Welz’s Cherry, Sabrina the Teenage Witch, and Vampirella, among others.

In this new comic we are introduced to George Webber, who is a comic book artist and one of the most popular hot rod magazine artists in the world. His new concept, Blast-off Girls!, has garnered the interest of dozens of fellow top pin-up artists!

This authorized pin-up comic featuring George’s amazing work, will consist of many variant covers and pin-ups, all brand new, being published for the first time. Featured artists include, but is not limited to, Dean Yeagle, Pedro Perez, Dustin Holland, Bill Maus, Pasquale Qualano, D Lo, Chuck Carson, Derek Stewart, Mary Bellamy, Jerry Carr, Scott Underwood, Nathan Wiedemer, Carlos Rodriggs, Jason Worthington, Marcio Abreu, Andrew Fielder, Terry Pavlet, Rusty Gilligan, Paul Maitland, Ana Sanchez, Glen Fernandez, Jay Mooers, Eric Z Goodnight, April Reyna, Mandy Sczubleski, Ruth Lucas, Ashlianna Felix, Rob Kramer, and Sammo Filipo!

This pin-up comic is 32 pages and in full color. The covers will be serial numbered on the back cover based on the number of pledges made (unless already designated as limited), respectively, plus a small over-run.

Below you can find some of the covers that this comic will have!

You can also find a Blank cover, with which you can make your own cover or commission your favorite artist to do it!

You can also order a treasure chest where you can get exclusive rewards!

And if all this were not enough, in this project you can get original art, comics with limited runs, collectibles that you will not get anywhere else and an experience that only 5FINITY can offer!

Get your copy of George Webber’s Blast-off Girls! Pin-up Comic Book in https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/5finityproductions/george-webbers-blast-off-girls-pin-up-comic-book?ref=discovery&term=blast%20off

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