Shockdom Presents Cotton Tales Vol. 1 – Only on Kickstarter

Cotton Tales Vol. 1 is a fairy tale-like story suspended in a timeless Victorian world, presented by the amazing Italian Comics Publisher, Shockdom. Continue with C506 and discover everything this comic has for you!

Let’s talk about history!

Nicholas has lost his memory after falling from a horse: he feels a stranger at home, Villa Moran. He doesn’t remember anything about his father and his life and, since the accident, tiny furry hallucinations follow him everywhere.

Why does he keep seeing some strange rabbits and why are they invisible to others?

Are they connected to the ghost of the white-haired girl with a porcelain-white face that wanders the corridors in the middle of the night?

Although his father forbids anyone to leave their rooms after dark, Nicholas feels irresistibly attracted to the haunted tower where the spirit apparently dwells: how long can he suppress the desire to meet that terrible specter?

And now, let’s talk about the book!

Cotton Tales Volume One is the debut of Jessica Cioffi, AKA Loputyn in publishing.

Thanks to her unique and instantly recognizable style, Loputyn has become very popular over the years with over 300k followers on her Instagram profile and a great success in Italy and in the rest of the world.

With a unique fusion of Italian and Japanese drawing style, the author’s pale and soft stroke explores the narrative forms of gothic and horror, going from lighter moments to more violent ones.

It will be a 16x23cm size paperback.

Ivory paper (120g for the interiors, 300g for the cover), perfect for Loputyn’s art, will be used for the printing. A must-have for every comic book and fine arts lover.


If you want to know more about this wonderful project and be part of it, we invite you to enter its Kickstarter page, where you can order your copy and get rewards that you will not find anywhere else

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