Join Aadya Locke in The Illusion Witch!

As we always say, Kickstarter is a wonderful world, where you can find projects that are unique, with this in mind, The illusion Witch 4&5 is presented to us. Continue with us and discover this fascinating project.

Let’s discover together this wonderful story

The Illusion Witch Tells the adventure of Aadya Locke, a celebrated illusionist that is reluctantly pulled into a breathtaking world of real magic. Saari is both an awe-inspiring and terrifying realm where Aadya encounters demonic threats like “The Three” – a maniacal wraith whose intentions are truly sinister.

The Illusion Witch Books Four & Five Will cap off the adventure and story of Aadya, Baru, Kelvin, O’Rian and Syra; The Circle. As Aadya accepts her new reality, she will journey down a path that will lead her on a collision course with The Three; who will do anything to stop Aadya from becoming the new Cyren of Saari.

This story will capture the spirit of self-discovery, confronting inner demons, and saving a lost world through the most powerful magic there is: Love and Family.

Let’s meet the team!

Ruben Romero- Writer/Creator: Starting his journey into indie comics in 2014 with The Agency. His goal has always been to tell great stories. Labeled a breakout success by Comixology in 2014 his passion for making comics and story telling has continued to be his driving force. The Agency, Prey For Angels, and Inferi have proved that he loves all genres, and that he will work to bring his stories to life. Currently he is enjoying raising his son and sharing his life with his mother and doing everything he can to bring you the comic fans, the absolute best of him that he can give.

Andrea Errico- Pencils&Inks: Graduating with the score of 110/110 at the Academy of Fine art. His first professional experience was coloring “The One” a fantasy comic published by GG Studio. A short time after he began working as an illustrator for the italian videogame publisher Dreamslair. In 2013 he founded the collective and publisher Artsteady, creating 47 Deadman Talking, an indy comic book that had a huge public response in Italy. Now as a freelance illustrator and penciler he has worked for many top tier publisher including: Zenescope Entertainment, Behemoth Comics, Interweb Comics, Devolver Digital, Guardian Knight Comics, and Sergio Bonelli Editore.

PH Gomes- Colors: PH is working all the way from Brazil and says “So, I’m PH, a Brazilian comic book colorist. I work with some international publishers and several independent titles, I always try to do my best at work, I hope you enjoy it.” Currently PH is also working on several projects.

Dave Lentz – Letters: Dave is a letterer, graphic designer and occasional artist and writer. When not reading comics he does his best to create them by any of the above means. He’s very keen on his wife and son, TMNT, Hellboy and comics in general. Some of his recent work has been Warcorns for Source Point Press, Midnight Highway, Metalshade & Unicorn Vampire Hunter. He won’t bore you with further self-adulation, but you can find more of his work at

And now… let’s see a preview of previous issues

We invite you to visit the project page, where you can get books 4 and 5 of The Illusion Witch, as well as incredible rewards that you can not get anywhere else

And wait, we have another important news for you, The Illusion Witch as a series has been picked up by BEHEMOTH for global release, with this it stands out that each of the rewards you can get are exclusive to Kickstarter, but if you are new to the project , we invite you to go to your Local comic book shop and order your copy of The Illusion Witch Book 1

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