Gaslighters is back on Kickstarter- You can’t miss this opportunity!

Gaslighters 4 Children of the Undead is the name that presents this new Gaslighters campaign, full of incredible and unique rewards. So join us and enjoy this 4/20 at C506.

John Stewart, the star writer of Gaslighters joins the party and presents us with the fourth comic in the series. But this comic is loaded with surprises, zombies and NFTs

What’s Gaslighters #4 about?

Gaslighters #4 is a 36 page, full color comic, single issue from the Gaslighters series. It continues where we left off in Gaslighters #3 with a story that explains what happens when two loving zombies have a child in a time much like today, but many years from now. The chaos and turmoil is heating up as the hunt continues, the Muerte gang is getting closer to tracking down our fearless Zoey. Will Zoey finally meet her match or will she survive these savage creatures and finally learn how she really became the Beginning of the End.

Can I see a preview of the comic?

Even the question offends, here we show you the wonderful work of this comic!

You promised us more rewards, where are the rewards?

Of course, as we mentioned before, this campaign will include NFTs, each backer will be able to obtain two different NFTs, that will be gifted to them after funds have been processed. One of the NFTs you will get to chose out of 4 choices, so chose wisely. The second NFT you get for backing us is a Gaslighters Coin. For the next 7 Gaslighters Kickstarter Campaigns you back, you will receive a new coin. After the 7th coin, you will receive the Ultimate 3D Nightmare NFT.

You can also find a trade paperback of the series, as well as an artbook and an incredible amount of covers that you can’t miss, but… Why don’t you discover it for yourself? We invite you to enter the project page, where you can find all the details of Gaslighters

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