Let’s go back to the 50s with Lords of LA – Only on Kickstarter

Vampires, the 50s and the golden age of Hollywood are the main components to form this great story, so continue with C506 and find out what Lords of LA is all about.

Let’s talk about the book

Lords of LA is a 48-page graphic novel is beautifully illustrated by  Alex Femenías and inked by Maria Keane (Star Trek, Buffy,Godzilla, GI Joe). There will be several variant covers including one done by Hedwin Zaldivar (Grimm’s Fairy Tales).

The author of this wonderful work is Frank Zanca, he is an award-winning screenwriter, novelist, and board game designer. He is known for his Destiny Aurora series of novels as well as the adapted graphic novel and board game – Destiny Aurora Renegades. He has produced films such as Star Trek: Renegades, Six Gun Savior, and Redville as well as worked on productions for Hulu, Tubi, Showtime, Netflix, and many more!

And now, let’s talk about the story

Lords of LA is the story of three vampires. Two of them are as ancient as time itself, Don Cainella and Don Abellino, warring crime families who moved their operations to Los Angeles in the early 1950s during the golden age of Hollywood. There they have dealings with such icons as Marilyn Monroe and Buddy Holly.

One night during their nightly visit to the club Silk, they heard an angelic performance by a half-Asian lounge singer, named Lena Morgan. This is her story as much as theirs.

One of them turned her and ruined her life. Her son was a newborn and not knowing whether she could trust her bloodlust impulses, she left Los Angeles for sixty years. During that time, she amassed money, power, and a plan for vengeance.

Moving back to Los Angeles in 2006, she developed a relationship with a mob family and put herself on a collision course with Abellino and Cainella, disrupting their operations and cash flow. She visited her son, who was now sixty years and a grandfather. Of course, he had no idea who she was.

Lords of LA traverses time within the pages of this graphic novel that includes, sex, bloody-soaked violence, and plot twists that will keep you looking for more. the pages of the 1950s will have a tan background, while the pages that take place in 2006 will have a blue background, so you can always keep track of what’s going on in the story.

Want to see some reference pages?

We have you covered, here we show them to you!

But this is not all! If you want to know in greater detail everything that this story has for you, we invite you to enter its Kickstarter page, where you can find a variety of variant covers, as well as additional rewards that you will not be able to find anywhere else. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1169263915/lords-of-la-graphic-novel-vampire-mob-the-1950s

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