C506 News – The Edge Trade Paperback: Vol. 1 hits Kickstarter

The ambitious comic, The Edge by Comicsburgh, presents its first Trade Paperback. Here at C506 we will tell you everything, so continue with us and discover what it is about!

Let’s talk about The Edge!

The Edge is an enhancement drug that gives powers. Yet the more the power is used, the more The Edge takes. It infects you and can cause death. So the abilities that are granted are less a gift, and more of a curse.

Once the world is aware of the enhanced humans, sides will be chosen, and threats will come from everywhere. The book is about escalation and how the more you fight; the more battles will come to you.

How Did The Edge Start?

Marvin Wynn, creator of the comic, has told us:

“I always describe The Edge as a throw back to books of the 90’s. The book is influenced by X-Men and the WildStorm titles WildC.A.T.S., Stormwatch, etc. The goal is to tell a compelling story, with interesting characters and good art. Within that the stories are overarching, and things mentioned in early issues have pay offs later. The characters themselves drive the story, and their backgrounds are revealed as, more of the world is explored.”

And now, let’s see the different versions of this comic!

First we will see the incredible cover that this trade paperback will present.

And now we will see the different covers that this comic presents in issues 1-4.

Can we see a preview of the comic?

Sure, you can see it below!

And if all this impressed you, we invite you to enter the project’s Kickstarter page, where you will not only be able to find this comic, but you will also be able to obtain unique rewards, which you will not find anywhere else.


And run, this comic is available for a limited time!

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