Scattered Comics returns to Kickstarter with Shadowhunters: Bite Me!

Scattered Comics has surprised us with the quality of its projects, and now it’s back with a new comic, Shadowhunters: Bite Me, so continue with C506 and let’s discover this incredible project together.

First of all, let’s talk about the comic

Shadowhunters: Bite Me!
Jason Dube (W) Joel Serrato & Jason Dube (A) Summer Dale (CA)

SHADOW HUNTERS: Bite Me! Follows the story of the rebellious half vampire who prefers her smokes and cold beer over drinking blood. Between the peer pressure of her clan insisting she feeds, and her enemies who see her defiance as a weakness, she refuses to give up what little is left of her humanity. Even if it means losing everything.

This is a 40-page , self-contained storyline about Jenna continues the journey of the vampire world started in the pages of the “Lylith & Mara” comic book. We can explore the rich and dark landscape of the vampire clans, the evolution of their different races and blood that runs through its world.

With this, it is highlighted that the comic will have a series of incredible variant covers, which you can see below.

Blank cover is also available.

Wait…there’s more

Scattered Comics already has a large number of publications and in this project you can get some additional comics, such as Shadow Hunters #3 and 4, LYLITH & MARA: Sisters of the Dark and Gallery of Blood Vol.1 & 2.

If we told you everything that this project has for you, we would never finish, but we invite you to visit its Kickstarter page, where you can see all the rewards you can get

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