Discover the wonderful art book “The Art of Stan Yak” – Only on Kickstarter

Unlikely Heroes Studios presents us a wonderful art book where we will be amazed by the art of Stan Yak. Continue with us and discover all the details we have about this incredible art book.

Let’s talk about Stan Yak

Stan Yak has been a professional traditional and digital artist for 9 years. With unbelievable official work for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Last Ronin, Stray Dogs, Monstrous: Witch Hunt, Broken Gargoyles, Fisticuffs, Zombies: We’re Human Too, The Surgeon and Elsewhere, Volume 1, as well as the smash-hit Rayna: The Bastard Queen…this man just will not stop producing AMAZING art! He works his butt off and enjoys a small amount of free time with his wife, kid, and two cats!

Learn more about Stan’s art on his Instagram and deviantart:

If you want to know more about Stan’s art, we present a small gallery with some of his illustrations.

And Stan is not alone in this project, let’s meet the entire creative team!

Sarah White: Sarah is an American graphic artist. She holds an AAS in Graphic and Web Design and has been chipping away at the work required to earn a BFA in Graphic Design. She does art and design for several indie comic studios and a variety of other clients. Her non-graphic design interests are many and varied, but currently her interest is in aquarium scaping, keeping houseplants alive, petting all the cats, and building cute crafts out of bits of junk.

Laurie Foster: Laurie has been drawing for more than 15 years and professionally inking for 10. She is also a graphic designer, editor, and cosplayer. She owns Unlikely Heroes Studios, the multi-title creator collective responsible for publishing this awesome artbook!

And now, we mention some goals of this project

The goal of this project is to raise funds to print The Art of Stan Yak as both a perfect-bound trade paperback AND hardback and get it into your hands! The book is completely ready to print. Any stretch goal profits will go towards amazing bonus rewards, including  upgrades and options for the books! Unlikely Heroes Studios have more than 80 pages of EXTRA art that will be added as they reach various goals, which means the book could end up being almost TWICE the size for the same price!

The rewards start from 15$, and here we leave you some of the tiers that you can choose!

But it doesn’t end here! We invite you to enter the project page, where you can find incredible rewards that you will not be able to find anywhere else!

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