UNI-Joy presents UNITHOR: A Newly designed classic-styled game controller

UNI-Joy has brought to life an amazing digital joystick for retro computers and emulators. Continue with C506 and find out what it’s all about!

UNITHOR is a project developed through Kickstarter, which is a modern approach to classic-styled game controllers for:

  • Amiga, Atari, Commodore 64 and other machines equipped with DE9 (DB9) port.
  • An array of game consoles, emulators and other hardware with USB port.
  • Raspberry PI and Windows or Linux-based PCs.

Comprising high quality components, extensively tested in the course of the past year, UNITHOR has been designed with seamless operation and durability in mind. Massive yet compact, with short lever for better reaction time, modelled organically for different grips and gaming styles.

UNITHOR joystick enhances game immersion by taking advantage of its electronics that feature adjustable autofire/rapidfire, presets and setup mode plus optional flashy stuff – adjustable LED backlight (FlashBack) and even force feedback motor (KickBack). The controller supports up to 6 independent, mappable fire buttons, making it a great solution for modern platforms as well. UNITHOR is modular by design, allowing you to create a unique assembly like a multi-system device.

Thanks to the qualities of its architecture, UNITHOR can present changes in its hardware, such as:

  • Autofire / rapid fire with adjustable frequency.
  • Two independent fire buttons in the handle (Fire1 + Fire2).
  • Fire button custom mapping (the only fixed function is that for Fire 1 under your index finger).
  • Configuration mode and presets.
  • EXTRA SIDEKICKS: A set of four small buttons at the back of UNITHOR’s base.

  • EXTRA FIREPOWER: You can have four full-sized additional buttons in the base, thus turning UNITHOR into a formidable six-button beast!
  • And many more!

If we still can’t convince you, we recommend you see this review!


That said, we invite you to enter the project campaign, where you can purchase your UNITHOR from 59 euros. Only in https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/uni-joy/unithor-a-brand-new-joystick-for-retro-computers

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