Check out these jams from some of the best video games in history

Firaga Records, an Electronic Dance record, has just released the first entry in their new artist-centric series: VGM Essentials. The album, celebrating artist Ben Briggs who has nearly two decades of experience remixing video game music, features twelve tracks from games like Chrono Trigger, Zelda: Wind Waker, Super Mario Galaxy and more.

A full-time musician and DJ, Twitch Streamer, founder of Tiny Waves and audio director for The Completionist, Ben Briggs is a video game remixing legend. VGM Essentials: Ben Briggs brings together a collaborative album featuring the musical stylings of other well-known artists VGR, arthur x medic, RoboRob, Boldie, Vector U and many more.

“VGM Essentials: Ben Briggs is the culmination of nearly two decades of my own personal experience remixing video game music and producing EDM, and over a decade of friendship with the people in this industry,” says Briggs. “Every song represented is extremely near and dear to my heart and my childhood, as well as the hearts and childhoods of my collaborators.

Ben and his friends have covered a variety of nostalgic video game songs for this celebratory album. From Chrono Trigger to Sonic Colors and Diddy Kong Racing, each song represents how games from our past live on and are endlessly magical. Ben Briggs says, “I wanted to capture the feeling of playing these retro games for the first time; when our imagination filled in all the banks between the pixels and polygons, and picking up a controller was our ticket to new worlds…”


Ben Briggs, RoboRob – Frog’s Theme (Chrono Trigger)

Ben Briggs, Mega Flare – Do It Now! (Killer Instinct)

Ben Briggs, Vector U – Dragon Roost Island (Zelda: Wind Waker)

Ben Briggs, Baircave – Hot Top Volcano (Diddy Kong Racing)

Ben Briggs, nokbient – Hazy Maze Cave (Super Mario 64)

Ben Briggs, Catmosphere – Get Athletic (Yoshi’s Island)

Ben Briggs, Bolide – Reach for the Stars (Sonic Colors)

Ben Briggs – Good Egg (Super Mario Galaxy)

Ben Briggs – Gusty Garden (Super Mario Galaxy)

Ben Briggs, VGR – Honey Hive feat. Doug Perry (Super Mario Galaxy)

Ben Briggs, arthur x medic – Galaxy Reactor (Super Mario Galaxy)

Ben Briggs, Besso0 – Rosalina’s Observatory (Super Mario Galaxy)

“We pushed the limits of what video game remixes CAN BE with this record, and I truly consider it the most beautiful thing I’ve ever had the privilege of working on. I hope it can inspire even one person to be creative, be brave, and dance like no one is watching. It’s all love from here on out. From the bottom of my old, tired, smiling heart… thank you ♥” – Ben Briggs

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