Outtatime Comics Presents Uncaped: A Superhero Rom-Com Original Graphic Novel – Only on Kickstarter!

Kickstarter presents us with wonderful projects, born from brilliant minds looking for a way to engage readers in the quest to bring their works to life. Today we have the pleasure of talking about Uncaped, a Superhero Rom-Com developed by Outtatime Comics. You can’t miss it!

Cover B – Mary Jane Homage

Let’s discover the history of Uncaped

Uncaped is a full-color, 48-page squarebound graphic novel with a complete story from Outtatime Comics, publishers of the hit comic series Red, White, & Broke!

Lady Olympus is one of the world’s premiere superheroes. She has the powers of the gods, she’s a former model, and she’s known and loved around the globe. When she encounters an alien device that shows her the future, she’s shocked to find out that she’s destined to spend her life with Lucas Wilder, an unassuming average joe who works at a comic book store and plays in a garage band. The problem is, Lucas isn’t sure he’s ready to date one of the world’s most famous and powerful women just yet!

It’s Notting Hill meets Wonder Woman with a dash of Love, Actually and a hint of Guardians of the Galaxy!

Meet Outtatime Comics

Outtatime Comics is the publisher of the hit Red, White & Broke miniseries that was funded successfully via four different Kickstarter campaigns, raising over $25,000 total. This is their fifth graphic novel campaign, and every previous one has shipped on time and been extremely well received by readers! Uncaped is almost complete already! The script is complete and the artwork is 95% completed already. Once the Kickstarter concludes, all that will be left is the coloring, lettering, and printing!

Would you like to see a preview of the art of Uncaped?

At C506 we have you covered, below you can see a preview of the art of Uncaped!

Let’s talk about the rewards you can get if you support Uncaped on Kickstarter!

There are 11 total covers for you to choose from. There are 5 Main Covers plus a Blank Sketch Cover, then there are are 5 Virgin Covers, you can choose whichever cover you want, and you can choose it either with or without trade dress (such as the logo and credits.) The Virgin Covers will be STRICTLY LIMITED to 100 copies and will come SIGNED & NUMBERED. And they will NEVER BE REPRINTED! You can also add on any individual covers in the Add-On step of checking out if you would like more tan one cover. Below you can see the covers that you will find in Uncaped!

If you want to discover more of what this wonderful project has for you, we invite you to enter its Kickstarter page and discover for yourself what Uncaped has to offer https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/themikespring/uncaped-a-superhero-rom-com-an-original-graphic-novel.

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