idols #1 _ gods are dead has arrived on Kickstarter – Come and discover with us this amazing story!

It is the year 2053, in mysterious circumstances a worldwide blackout happens. After that arrive the so-called “orbs” and 9 months later the “chims” are born. With this introduction we present you Idols #1, continue with us and discover what this comic has for you!

The talented writer Milan Kovacs has teamed up with illustrator Erno Juhasz and colorist Petra Haasz to bring Idols to life, a story that will introduce us to the near future where we will discover how the world can change in the blink of an eye.

Specifications of the comic

  • Page count: 28 pages, full color including cover
  • Dimensions: 158 x 234 mm (6.22 x 9.25″)
  • Cover stock: thick 300 g (160 lb) matte paper
  • Interior pages: 115 g (32 lb) matte paper
  • Binding: saddle-stitched

Let’s find out who are the idols

In the year 2053 people are still living their everyday life but a lot has changed over the past 30 years too. Religions barely exist and social media took over almost everything: politics, learning, ideals, beauty and even relationships. Everything is fake. Also nothing is fake if it’s on the internet. That makes it real for some. Influencers are being worshipped online and even offline too. A select few is taking advantage of this phenomenon and they name themselves “idols”.

what is special about idols?

idols will be told in seasons, not volumes like a regular comic series. The first season of idols will consist of 4-5 issues in various lengths with tons of extra material.

All physical copies of idols have an NFC (near-field communication) chip sticker on the inside front cover. All of the extra material will be written on that NFC-chip individually. Your copy will not only be signed but also dedicated to you by this unique chip.

Don’t worry if you don’t have NFC-reader on your pone, the idols tem will include a QR-code of the same data. They plan on releasing a new short film and hours of behind the scenes footage for the Backers for each Kickstarter campaign, including this one.

How is idols progressing?

At the moment half of the book is drawn and due to spoilery images we only show you a few pages here even in thumbnail. The colours are 1/3 done by Petra and she is working on it as you read this sentence.

Variant covers

You can choose these as add-ons or by selecting the variant cover reward level. There is also a high-end reward level with all the variant covers. All covers will be coloured!

What can you get in this campaign?

At Idols you can get the copy of Idols #1 with its NFC chip, as well as exclusive covers, original art, exclusive merchandise and much much more! And we forgot to mention it but Idols has FREE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE!

If you want to get your copy of Idols go to and be part of this wonderful project!

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