Are you ready to discover your lineage? find out in Night Wolf #7 – Only on Kickstarter

Acclaimed writer Robert A. Multari returns to Kickstarter with the seventh issue of Night Wolf, an urban Fantasy Werewolf Coming-of-Age Drama. Discover with us everything this story has to offer you!

Discover what is Night Wolf

Born into the outcast breed of werewolves known as the Monoki, eighteen-year-old Rodney Marcelli is reluctantly pulled into an ancient war between good and evil, during a modern time where the line has blurred.

With the help of Snow Paw, the Pureblood Monoki, and the supernatural evil slayer, Night Hunter, Rod must learn to master his newly found lycanthropy and mysterious kinetic energy power that only he possesses. Rod must fight the Dark Covenant in order to avenge his friends and family, and to save the girl he loves from the master vampire, Lord Malice.

Rodney Marcelli is Night Wolf!

Now, let’s talk about this 7th comic

And for this we bring you some words from the author and creator of the series, Robert A. Multari.

It has been my dream since I was a kid, struggling with Attention Deficit Disorder and Dyslexia, to be a comic book creator because comic books have helped me to overcome my learning disabilities. I’ve had the pleasure of self-publishing Night Wolf #1-6 and Snow Paw #1-2, with the help of my past Kickstarter backers, who I refer to as my Wolf Pack.

Now, I stand ready to publish my Night Wolf Issue 7, which is 100% complete and is ready to send off to the printers. That’s why I’ve come back to pay for the printing and the rewards that you will receive for backing my project.

Robert A. Multari

What will happen in this issue?

After narrowly defeating the horde of feral vampires, werewolves, and armed vampire knights led by Vampiress Ann Marie, Night Wolf, now donning Silver Mane’s armor, and Snow Paw decide it is time to take the fight to the Dark Covenant. While on their journey, Snow Paw tells Night Wolf more about their werewolf culture. Meanwhile, Jennifer Conway has finally had enough of Lord Malice’s attempts at manipulating her feelings, forcing him to reveal his vampiric origins.

Let’s see a preview of Night Wolf #7

Who will like this comic?

  • Fans of Supernatural, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Underworld, and other anti-hero monster horror stories.
  • People who like stories that encompass elements of horror, magic, and science in a modern setting.
  • Collectors of high-quality modern independent comic books from an amazing team of up-and-comers!
  • Anyone who likes unique takes on the horror, supernatural, theology, mythology, and fantasy genres.
  • Anyone who loves stories about supernatural beings like werewolves, vampires, demons, witches, zombies and more.

Now, let’s talk about the rewards you can get if you decide to support this project!

Below we will present some of the rewards you can get.

And there is still much more, so we invite you to participate in this project by entering the following link

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