Indie TCG Series – Sneak Peek: Paragon – Monsters & Mayhem

Greetings, fellow gamers! Today, we offer an exclusive glimpse into the upcoming sensation: Paragon – Monsters & Mayhem TCG. Set to grace Kickstarter soon; we’ll share insights from an interview with Chris Haskins, a vital member of the Paragon TCG team.

Paragon TCG stands committed to crafting exceptional products that enable devoted gamers to pursue their passions. Eager to be in the know? Get notified about the Kickstarter launch here: Paragon Kickstarter. For more on their offerings, visit their website, and if you’re keen on being part of the game’s inception, sign up as a beta tester via this link: Beta Tester Sign-up.

Stay tuned for our detailed review with Chris Haskins, and anticipate an exciting journey into the realms of Paragon – Monsters & Mayhem TCG. The countdown to Kickstarter is on!

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