Join us for the wonderful adventure that awaits in Monstro City with Defenders of Monstro City #2 – Only on Kickstarter

Kickstarter has seen the birth of a great number of projects, which stand out for the creative talent that brings them to life and the quality of the stories they present. Today we are pleased to present Defenders of Monstro City , the second of a three-issue series. If you want to find out what this wonderful story is all about, stay tuned!

Let’s find out what this story is all about!

Located on an obscured island in the Pacific Ocean, Monstro City is home to thousands of monsters — including Fangley, a friendly fruit bat, whose greatest pleasure in life is taking care of his fruit orchard. His well-ordered world is shaken when the cave he calls home is invaded by Evil Docto Dweevil. Docto’s grand scheme to take over Monstro City threatens not only to destroy the farm that is Fangley’s passion, but would also bring the villain’s “greatest invention of all” to life to perform the most repulsive and unthinkable act Fangley could ever imagine.

Brought together by this dire threat, the group of monster friends, the Defenders of Monstro City, including Fangley and Frankenchica, a young teen girl who is fighting to get out from under the shadow of her actor parents and legendary grandfather, must step outside of their tranquil routines to save their beloved city. The motley monster crew has no idea what’s in store for them. Individually, none of them would have the ability to take on their new challenge, but teamwork truly knows no bounds. And this only in the first issue!

In the second issue of Defenders of Monstro City The Defenders are back to continue their fight for Monstro City against Evil Docto Dweevil.

Defenders of Monstro City Standard Cover by Ron Maras
Our heroes will be getting themselves into a lot of trouble this time. Evil Docto Dweevil’s grip on the city begins to tighten as the team puts their own counterattack plan into action. The villain’s dream of seizing Monstro City is taking form while his avalanche of chocolate syrup is making the city grind to a halt.

The end of the first issue left Lunchback and Mr. Hide in a very difficult situation with some giant spiders who looked like they wanted to turn our two heroes into a spider-snack. You’ll find out what happens to them and the other two teams as they make their way into Docto’s stronghold.

To make things even more exciting, there will be a significant guest appearance by a group of Grandpa Frankenstein’s old friends.

Would you like to see a preview of this comic?

Don’t worry, C506 has got you covered, come and discover with us the preview of Defenders of Monstro City .

Discover the creator of this comic!

Ron Maras is the creative mind behind this great story, so we bring you the writer and illustrator himself to talk about his career.

I’m a professional artist living in Las Vegas. My specialties have included Illustration, 2D and 3D Animation and Advertising Design. My primary motivation for becoming an artist was my love for comic book imagery. I’m still as mesmerized by comic book illustration as I was when I was four years old, and now I’m creating it!

Let’s talk about how to get your copy of Defenders of Monstro City

As we mentioned, Defenders of Monstro City is being funded through Kickstarter, where you will not only find this comic, but you will also find the first issue of this great comic, original art, prints, variant covers and much, much more! Enter the following link and discover for yourself all that Defenders of Monstro City has for you

Remember it’s for a limited time, so don’t miss this opportunity!

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