The amazing artist Michelle Stanford returns to Kickstarter to present Centralia 2050 Vol. 2 – Don’t miss it!

Kickstarter is a showcase for amazing projects, where we see the minds of talented creators shine and present amazing stories to us, the readers. Today we are pleased to present Centralia 2050 Vol. 2, created by the talented Michelle Stanford. Stay tuned and don’t miss a single detail of this story!

Discover the story behind Centralia 2050

Centralia 2050 fallows Midori, who wakes up lost amidst the bustling, high-tech metropolis of Centralia. Without memories, her only connection to this place is a psychic connection to a missing child.

With the help of Grey, her newfound (and reluctant) accomplice, Midori sets off in search of this missing girl– but she quickly discovers that Centralia has a troubled history. A catastrophic blackout coincided with the disappearance of hundreds, followed by a swift takeover by the mysterious Lumico electrical company.

Today, most people go about their lives with the unspoken understanding that safety lies in not asking questions. What’s more, there’s something unusual about Midori and Grey that’s put a target on their backs: their genes.

Centralia 2050 explores themes of identity, found family, transhumanism, and the ways in which technology intertwines with our lives. It’s cyberpunk for people who are tired of the common cyberpunk cliches like gun-toting, one-liner-spitting badasses, endlessly stark and oppressive vibes, tiresome misogyny, and fetishizing Asian aesthetics. Instead, Centralia 2050 tells the story of everyday people like you and me, doing their best to survive and find purpose in a sleek and uncaring city; the comic shines in its exploration of finding human connection in a world so thoroughly designed to make you feel alone.

Now, let’s talk about the second volume of this book!

Volume 2 of Centralia 2050 contains chapters 4, 5, and 6, and features over 150 pages in both black and white and color! Each page features beautiful digitally-drawn art, with expressive characters and painstakingly-detailed environments that invite the reader to immerse themselves in the vast and mysterious city of Centralia.

For those who’ve read Volume 1, Volume 2 takes us straight into the action as Midori and Grey join the resistance group Switch in their efforts to uncover the dirt on the sinister Lumico Corporation. Danger persists from all sides, including within Switch itself, where their charismatic leader Forrest threatens to drive a rift between Midori and Grey.

Would you like to see a preview of Centralia 2050 Vol. 2?

Don’t worry, C506 got you covered, here’s a sneak preview of Centralia 2050 Vol. 2!

Now, let’s get to know a little more about Michelle Stanford, the creator of this story!

Michelle Stanford is a talented storyboard and comic artist, who has provided her art for a number of wonderful projects, but who better to present her work than Michelle herself?

Hi! I’m Michelle, Los Angeles-based storyboard and comic artist, and the creator of Centralia 2050. I’ve been working on Centralia since late 2014, and since its debut I’ve released six chapters of the comic, currently working on number 7! Professionally, I have worked for clients including Disney, Netflix, Universal, and Sony. My work has been featured in publications including the UK Asian pop-culture magazine NEO, Shoutout LA, and StART Faire, a digital webcomic zine.

When I’m not working on comics and storyboards, I love playing video games, dressing up, singing karaoke, and making tasty foods! And when I’m not doing those things, chances are I am holding my cat PJ like a baby.

Find out how to order your copy of Centralia 2050!

As we mentioned at the beginning of, Centralia 2050 Vol. 2 is being funded through Kickstarter, where you will not only find this book, but also volume 1 of this story, as well as prints, original art and much, much more! We invite you to enter the link below and be part of this wonderful campaign .

Remember it’s for a limited time, so don’t miss this opportunity!

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