(C506 Review) Be careful, check your room and, above all, don’t trust these adorable creatures. The review of Night of the Chihuahuas #3 is here!

Night of the Chihuahuas presents its third issue, where we learn that you can’t trust anyone and even less those who think they know everything. C506 had the privilege of reading this story and here we offer you our review!

(W) David Quiroz Jr.
(A/CA) Albert Morales

God made them small, man made them deadly

Night of the Chihuahuas reaches a third issue and we continue our protagonists’ constant quest for liberation. Dangers lurk around every corner and you can’t feel safe even in your own home!

As we watch this story progress, we discover how dangerous Chihuahuas can be, not only are they violent, but we discover that they are more intelligent than we thought. The danger grows and as if this were not enough, we also discover that by being in danger, we can learn the true nature of the human being. With this little introduction, we hope you enjoy our review of Night of the Chihuahuas #3.

In this third issue, we continue with the prolific writing of David Quiroz Jr. who has brought this terrifying story to life throughout the three issues we have read so far. As with issues 1 and 2, Quiroz has demonstrated a notorious solidity, providing the reader with a linear story, devoid of plot inconsistencies and presenting the same essence issue after issue.

The narrative of this story is reminiscent of classic horror, mysticism and darkness have been key elements in the development of this comic and continue to be there. Without a doubt, Quiroz has managed to keep our interest and it has grown as the issues have progressed.

For this new issue, Albert Morales, who we already saw illustrating issue 2, returns to illustrate the continuation of this story. We can see that his characteristic illustrations, full of dynamism and movement are found throughout the work, presenting us with a great contrast between light and darkness and allowing us, as readers, to discover a great number of details and hide the terrors that await us.

The combination of the art developed by Morales and the story written by Quiroz present us with a window into the fears of some beings, which at first glance are harmless, however, we will discover sooner rather than later that in reality, we have no salvation whatsoever in the face of such a terrible threat.

The third issue of Night of the Chihuahuas invites us to watch our backs and trust no one, not even the small and seemingly harmless Chihuahuas.  On behalf of C506, we really recommend this story and we invite you to learn more about this amazing work by visiting their official website https://nightofthechihuahuas.com/ .

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