SelectaPlay Announces Barbarian Saga: The Beastmaster for PC and Consoles

SelectaPlay is thrilled to announce they will be working with indie developer Dormidin Studio to publish the Metroidvana-style 2D action platformer Barbarian Saga: The Beastmaster for Nintendo Switch, PC via Steam,  Xbox Series and PlayStation 5 globally via digital stores.

Inspired by classic movies and games of the 80’s and 90’s such as Beastmaster, Conan and Deathstalker, Castlevania, Golden Axe and Ghouls ‘n’ Ghosts, Barbarian Saga: The Beastmaster is developed by two friends who met at a cosplay event with a dream to make indie videogames.  The team has strived to craft a world brought to life with a deeply immersive story that is drawn and animated by hand using hundreds of sketches to bring the world of Arborea to life.

Barbarian Saga: The Beastmaster completes the lineup of stunning playable titles being showcased by SelectaPlay at Indie Dev Day from 8th – 10th September in Barcelona, Spain. No less than six new titles from SelectaPlay’s upcoming portfolio will be playable at the event. As well as Barbarian Saga: The Beastmaster, the final lineup is confirmed as the first-person psychological horror narrative experience Luto, the addictive puzzle game Bubble Ghost Remake, the first-person narrative adventure game Inner Ashes, the 2D action platformer Morkull Ragast’s Rage and the horror survival game Dark Atlas: Infernum.

About Barbarian Saga: The Beastmaster 

After the brief peace that followed the wars of the portals that devastated the country, new winds of war now threaten its inhabitants. The new king of Imperia together with the Sacred Kingdom has declared war against non-humans, using the services of one of the Last Wizards of Arborea: Trece XIII and their generals. This is the moment of the prophecy, the moment when a chosen one will unite Men and beasts to bring peace. Welcome to the world of Arborea, welcome to Barbarian Saga: The Beastmaster.

  • You are the last of the Beastmasters, use the souls of animals and creatures to transform and progress through the adventure.

  • Explore a continuous Metroidvania-style map, open new paths and unlock new routes with your Beastmaster abilities. Evil and sorcery lurk in all corners.

  • Gather beads for your ritual necklace: discover fangs, amulets, and plant roots that will change your attacks, vitality, or Mana.

  • Enhance your skills and acquire new items by entering duels in different Arenas. battles will use close cameras and energy bars like in classic fighting games..

  • Find new sword techniques that your old Sensei taught you, use magic potions and summon curses. Thanks to your sword, you have the power of a god.

  • Throughout your adventure, you will discover NPCs that will give more depth to the narrative and communicating with them will open new mission arcs (as in an Anime series) and completely different endings.

Barbarian Saga: The Beastmaster will launch globally for Steam, Xbox Series, PlayStation 5 and Nintendo Switch via digital stores.

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