Get ready to go straight to the depths of the sea, Laguna Studios presents Hearteater #1 – Only on Kickstarter

Laguna Studios,  a woman-owned independent comic book company with a team spread out all over the world, brings us their newest comic Hearteater #1. A story where a beautiful pirate rescues a mysterious stranger from the hangman’s noose. Stay tuned and don’t miss any detail of this story!


Warning: this is a +18 story!

Let’s find out more about this wonderful story!

They call her the Hearteater, a pirate known for seducing her way across the seven seas in search of adventure. No lock can keep her out and no target can resist her ample charms.

With emerald eyes at the ready for her next heist, Kimona stumbles upon a rogue named Finn, set to die in the gallows… and she and her sarcastic raven companion, Zephyr, are pulled into a mystery of eldritch horror, forbidden passion, and kinky fun!

Would you like to see a preview of Hearteater #1?

Don’t worry, C506 has got you covered, here’s a preview of the story.

Want to meet the creative team behind Hearteater #1?

We are pleased to introduce you to the great creative team that is involved in the development of this story!

Laurie Foster Writer, Project Manager
Sarah White Assistant Writer, Campaign Manager, Graphic Artist
Cari Salviejo Line Artist
Patty Arroyo Colorist
Saïda Temofonte Letterer, Logo Designer
Katy Rewston Assistant Writer
Dee Fish Assistant Writer
Brian Lambert Editor

Want to find out what rewards you can get if you support this campaign?

Say no more, below you can find some of the rewards that await you in Hearteater #1!

But, if you really want to discover all that Hearteater #1 has for you, we invite you to visit the official website of the campaign and find out for yourself, which you can access by clicking on the following link:

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