Jane Christ is back on Kickstarter to present us a new issue – Come with us and discover this wonderful comic book

Kickstarter is an exceptional showcase for the greatest artists to bring unique works to life. Today we are going to delve into Los Angeles and discover more of the incredible story of Jane Christ, stay tuned and discover this wonderful comic!

Find out more about this exciting story

Jane was just a typical millennial struggling to make it in Los Angeles. But everything changed when she learned that she’s the daughter of God, sent to save humanity from the forces of evil.

After learning that her long-lost brother is alive and living on Earth, Jane and her disciples set out on a journey to get some answers and find Jesus – literally! But their fun road trip quickly takes a wrong turn, after their car breaks down and simmering tension amongst the friends finally come to a head. Stranded in the California wilderness, the gang must repair their relationships (and their ride!) if they’re going to get back on course and help Jane finally become the Lady & Savior.

Here are some of the covers you can get from this amazing comic!

Would you like to see a preview? Say no more, we have it for you!

Now, where can I purchase my copy of Jane Christ?

This comic is being funded through Kickstarter, where you will not only find this comic, but you will also be able to purchase different JC comics, as well as original art and much more! Find out by yourself by clicking on the following link https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/jccomics/jane-christ-3-nsfw-superhero-satire-comic .

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