Come and discover with us Colors – A new sketchbook by Johnny Segura 3rd

Johnny Segura 3rd has brought to life numerous projects, such as The Devil in I, Demon’s Redemption, Angry God, Special Agent Harambe, The Last Reaper, Seraphim and many more! Today he presents his new sketchbook “Colors”, come and discover with us this incredible art presentation!

Come explore a monochromatic tour of the world of color through the art of Johnny Segura 3rd ( 2 Tin Bean Cans F#cking, Special Agent Harambe, The Last Reaper, Fluff’s Fury )

Colors will be a 60-page sketchbook, beautifully presented, where Johnny will present us with a new vision, full of monochromatic arts of different colors, this being a trip down an artistic trail of happiness, sadness and everything in between!

Colors is currently presented through Kickstarter, where in addition to this sketchbook, you can also find original art, prints, commissions and some surprises that Johnny has prepared for his followers.

If you have visited our site before you will know that we are followers of Johnny’s work, as he has presented extraordinary works over time. So take advantage of this opportunity and be part of Colors, you can enter their Kickstarter campaign by clicking on the following link .

Remember it is for a limited time

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