(C506 review) Join us to discover Half Truth Second Guess – a trivia game for everyone!

At C506 we had the honour of testing Half Truth Second Guess, a fun trivia game developed by Ken Jennings and Richard Garfield, where we can enjoy with our friends and family. Come and discover with us this wonderful board game.

Half Truth: Second Guess is the team trivia game where you have all the answers. The twist: half the answers are right, and half are wrong. In teams, players try to find as many as they can of the 3 correct answers on each question card. Each player answers every question by playing answers Cards face down in front of themselves. If you have no correct answers, your answers count, and you will advance your team’s dial. The team that identifies the most correct answers earns bonus points too!

   Game specifications

  • Designers: Richard Garfield, Ken Jennings
  • Publisher: Nighthawk Games
  • Production: Chris Solis
  • Players: 2-12
  • Age: 12+
  • Time: 30 minutes

How to play Half Truth Second Guess?

  1. Setup the game

Place the Question Mat in the middle of the table (1), place a question card face up inside the question deck (2), divide players into teams (3) and give each team a score dial (4).

2. Now, let’s start the game!

Without revealing the answer side, slide the top card of the question deck, question side up, into the Question Mat’s sleeve. Have one player read the question card aloud to all players. Then look at the icon window on each team’s dial. If any icons are showing, real them to the table. Most icons will modify the round in some way. Finally, each player selects 1-3 of their corresponding Answer Cards face down in front of them. Each player must select at least one answer.

And note that there is a communication restriction. Players are not allowed to communicate about which answers they have selected or why. But you may talk about how many answers you have selected and how confident you are in the answers you have selected.

Once all players have answered, flip over all players’ answers and the question card to its answer side. The green highlighted answers are the correct one. If any of the player’s answers are incorrect, they return all their answers cards to their hand and their answers do not count. Then, look at all of the combined answers for each team. If a team identified at least one correct answer, they advance their score dial two times. Also, the team or teams that identified the most correct answers, advance their score dial one additional time.

3. The beginning of the end

The winner will be the team that has advanced the furthest on their team’s dial.

Now, let’s talk about our experience

The game can hold up to 12 players, nevertheless, we played it with two, without a single doubt, Half Truth Second Guess is an amazing board game! From start to the end, the game is dynamic and easy to understand, the questions have a moderate to high complexity.

Talking about the question cards, the questions are of various and interesting topics, which in addition to entertaining with the game itself, invite the participants to discover more about the different topics visited in the game.

On the other hand, the materials of this game feel good, are of good quality and it is evident that they can last countless games in good condition. This is important for players who enjoy long hours of play, where it is important to be able to keep your pieces in good condition.

The verdict

Half Truth Second Guess is an interesting game, it allows you to discover your knowledge and discover new possible topics of interest, in our experience, the time flew by and we really enjoyed it. If you like trivia games, you should give Half Truth Second Guess a try, we promise you won’t regret it.

If you want to give this wonderful game a chance, we invite you to save their Kickstarter campaign, which is coming soon https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/halftruthgame/halftruthsecondguess.

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