Spiral Ink Comics joins kickstarter to introduce us Succubus # 4: Lilith’s Garden

Since the 2014 release of the first issue of Succubus, comic book fans have asked for more and more. Spiral Ink Comics has listened to all of those followers and has joined Kickstarter to bring to life the best and biggest issue to date.

Due to the content of this comic, its reading is intended only for adult readers over 18 years of age.

Let’s start by knowing a little more about Ximena, who is our protagonist in Succubus. She is a part time dancer / performer and webcam model, she loves to celebrate the fact that she is a little bit different from the others.

She has a tail tattoo that moves and behaves in the same way as any real tail, she has purple hair, piercing blue eyes, «goddess body» and a ridiculously friendly personality. Ximena tends to always attract a crowd … and can sometimes become obscene!

In this new 24-page chapter, Ximena; The real-life Succubus, takes a break from her usual superstar life of nightclub stages and webcamming to take a spontaneous world tour to discover more about her and what it means to be a Succubus.

As we mentioned initially, Succubus # 4: Lilith’s Garden is being funded by Kickstarter, so below we show you some of the campaign tiers.


If you want to fully know the different tiers present in the campaign or pre-order your copy of Succubus, do not hesitate to enter its page on kickstarter Succubus #4: Lilith’s Garden by Spiral Ink Comics.

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