@toyshiz on the McFarlane DC Multiverse: Fans Finally Calming Down

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@toyshiz returned this week to record my DC Collecticast podcast. The Instagram toy store reporting master and I covered the new McFarlane DC Multiverse action figures, just under a week after the big news reveal and product launch on the 2nd.

That same day of 1/2, I interviewed Khalil Quotap from KastorsKorner.com, another top toy news outlet. Check out my last piece here at C506 for the Multiverse talk with Kastors, as well as my newest episode of DC Collecticast for the audio.

Back to @toyshiz, I wanted to a one week later type follow up on the big DC McFarlane news, see what the toy master’s read on the situation is then.

@toyshiz on Instagram

From my interview with @toyshiz on 1/6/20:

Benjamin David: What would you say, nearly a week in, today being the 6th, and this news officially dropped the 2nd at about 1AM. What do you say a week in, to the McFarlane Multiverse?

NIghtwing “Better than Batman” 7″ Build-a-Batmobile McFarlane Toys DC Multiverse action figure

@toyshiz: First of all, I would say, I think people have relaxed a little bit regarding the news.

BD: I know haven’t (laughing).

TS: No, I’m saying those that were initially like, oh my god, what is this?…the negative reactions. I’ll tell you honestly: whenever any new toy or toy line is revealed, it’s like oh, I can’t wait to check them out. Ya know, in hand, in person. Because, pictures only tell you so much. You can doctor a photo.

Justice League Animated Green Lantern 7″ McFarlane Toys DC Multiverse action figure

TS (continued): People were just losing it. I’m like, you haven’t even gotten them, no one knows really how these are, or anything. From photos, from wanting DC characters, from wanting to see what McFarlane’s going to do, I was like cool, well, now the next step is to see how they are when you have them in person (laughs). They could be fantastic looking, or they could be terrible. I don’t ever think they’re going to be terrible. McFarlane doesn’t make terrible toys.  He makes good toys. Sometimes, they’re brittle. Like, any toy, I mean nowadays, anything can be brittle or break. It’s not just company specific.

Onto the Multiverse specifics:

TS: For what I wanted to see from McFarlane toys, I didn’t want to start over with Batman and Superman, Green Lantern, Aquaman, Joker, Harley Quinn. You know, they’re all in the first wave. I’m like, I have all those characters. Now, I could get a Hellbat, or I could get Superman Unchained, and I could get the Bat-Raptor. But the one, one that I was telling everybody, that if McFarlane doesn’t make this character right off the Bat–I mean, he makes Spawn, he made the horror movie franchises, the Movie Masters. He just embodies disgusting horror; and, he made the Batman Who Laughs. That’s what I wanted…And, he did it. I’m stoked, because of any of them, that’s the one I want. Hands down, that’s the one.

Batman Who Laughs 7″ McFarlane Toys DC Multiverse action figure

BD: And, availability, like I said, Target, Walmart, that’s what they have now. You and I talk about this probably every time you’ve been on the show up to this: availability, not a collector niche, not having to go to a comic book store now. To get a DC animated figure that, while it does have its own McFarlane spin on it–or Batman Who Laughs, or whatever–now, you have that availability. Specifically, I like going up the aisles of Target, not having to go to a comic book store. Now, you can do that.

8″ wide “Bat-Raptor” vehicle for the 7″ McFarlane Toys DC Multiverse action figure line

TS: What are your thoughts on the character selection, and the general aesthetics of the whole first wave. Let’s say all 12 and a vehicle basically.

BD: I do agree with everything you said, about the diversity of it. I am very glad it’s multimedia, is the general approach with it. You’re going through comics, you’re going through specific runs of comics. So, any comic fan, you’re not just getting something that, at best, evokes a thing you saw in a comic. It is the exact suit modeled after…It is so faithful to whatever you are into. And, I also like that it’s got its own style. I mean, the Batman Who Laughs, as you said, I can’t make what you said any clearer: how direct of a translation it is to have McFarlane doing the BWL.

Batman: The Animated Series Batman 7″ McFarlane Toys DC Multiverse action figure

BD (continued): But, even with Animated, as an animated guy, as much of a sucker as I am for it, I’m also pretty critical of it…for something that I’m the most critical of, because McFarlane put his own spin on it, I kind of like that it’s outside of trying to be exact, the straight off the animated screen approach. That’s the approach of DC Collectibles, which has been great. But this is more like a toy version of the animated.

Again, you can find my full interview with @toyshiz on our next episode of the DC Collecticast podcast. Be sure to follow his immensely popular Instagram for more news on the McFarlane Multiverse!

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Interviewing KastorsKorner.com, Breaking Story on McFarlane’s DC Multiverse

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