Mattie Washburn’s Animated Wishlist from the DCAU Watchtower

The most recent interview episode of my Above and Batman Beyond podcast features keeper of the DCAU timeline, Mattie Washburn. Mattie hails from the informative, renowned and comedic DCAU Watchtower Database YouTube Channel. On his own show, Vanishing Point, Mattie focuses on chronological specifics within the critically acclaimed DCAU (DC Animated Universe) of TV and movies; i.e., Batman the Animated Series, Justice League, JL Unlimited, and for our pod purposes, Batman Beyond. Be ready to laugh, though; seriously.

Mattie Washburn Animated Wishlist

From my @batmanbeyondpodcast  Instagram: Mattie is a truly brilliant and immensely popular figure among DCAU fans; &, among fans who just like to laugh. 

A frequent category of discussion on ABB is creating DC animated movie wishlists. The question is posed to guests, including Mattie, thusly:

BD: You are now the head of Warner Bros. Animation. So, congrats! Following the typical release schedule of three DC animated movies a year, what three movies do you want to see/make? Since you’re on our show, one of them has to be a ‘Beyond’ movie, so, what do you want to see for your Batman Beyond movie?  Then, what do you want to see for the other two DC animated movies that come out that year?

No.1: Green Lantern Beyond

MW: So, for the ‘Beyond’ movie, I want Green Lantern Beyond.

BD: Ooh, Kai-Ro, or—?

MW: Yes, I want a Kai-Ro movie. Because, I think what’s extremely interesting there is, we know in the DCAU that earth has two green lanterns…One of them is the father of Rex Stuart. So, I want to know if Kai-Ro got John Stewart’s ring whenever he ended up passing, if there’s something between him and Warhawk, some kind of unspoken bond or anything along those lines. As well as, Paul Dini’s gone on record saying that Kai-Ro is only eight years old… I want to know why an eight year old has a lantern ring….I feel like it would be the easiest way to kind of open up that part of the universe and make it a lot bigger, because you get into all that cosmic stuff which you’re not gonna get into focusing on really any of the other Justice League Beyond characters.

Mattie Washurn himself; Photo: Watchtower Database YouTube Channel

Movie No. 2: Batman: The Animated Vampire

MW: Now that we’re getting all the BTAS [Batman: The Animated Series] hype up.. I don’t know if you’ve heard about this, but there was a script that got denied where Batman turned into a vampire. That’s the most known denied script where there was gonna to be a vampire character or something that was gonna bite Batman and they were gonna turn him into a vampire. And, they got it cancelled because–

BD: So, this was a DCAU Batman?

MW: Yea, and I think–I’m not a hundred percent sure–but I think, you know the episode, See No Evil, with Lloyd Ventrix, the guy with the disappearing suit?

BD: Yea, yea, creepy episode.

MW: Yea, so that episode was made a lot later in the production run, but ended up receiving an earlier production number to take the place of a script that was already pretty far in production but got canned. So, I think that that might have taken place of the vampire one.  

Movie No. 3: Bruce Wayne Murderer, Bruce Wayne Fugitive

MW: I went to a flea market one time and just picked up a stack of comics. And, they had the majority of the Bruce Wayne murderer arc, where he ended up being framed for murder and like had to quit being Batman for awhile or something as a result of it.

BD: Whoa!

MW: Yea, for some reason, that always stuck out to me. And, I haven’t reread it in years, but I feel like it would be an interesting movie concept. Because, we don’t see that really in any of the animated properties or video games or anything that have come out since.

All great answers, all flicks I would personally love to see in animation! Let us know what YOU guys want to see for your three DC animated movie wishlist.

Mattie Washburn Animated Wishlist

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Also, stay tuned right here at for our upcoming coverage of Seattle’s Emerald City Comic Con! Others from C506 will be there, I will be there, as well as Mattie and the rest of the Watchtower! We’ve already planned a few pod/video crossovers between Above and Batman Beyond, 12th Level Intellects, as well as other podcasters and content creators. Can’t wait!

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