Featured comic’s artists: RB White, an illustrator like no other

C506 is proud to present its new section “Featured comic’s artists”, in which we have the opportunity to meet the work of various artists and illustrators, this time we present the illustrator RB White.

RB White has been characterized as a completely versatile illustrator, which adapts perfectly to any kind of comic in which he is involved, however, always keeping in mind a touch of sensuality, typical of the artist.

RB White’s works have been published by Heavy Metal Magazine, Action Lab comics, Zenescope, Imagine FX magazine, Fantasy Artist Magazine, Penthouse Magazine and many more!

In addition to this, it is possible to find his work in the animation industry, developing projects with Disney TV, Yowza animation, Hasbro, Nickelodeon, Universal Pictures, Discovery Kids, Nelvana, Guru Studio, Mattel, among others.

Without a doubt, RB White is an artist of an impressive range, with a trajectory that fully supports his work, a continuation can enter a gallery with more illustrations developed by this talented artist.

If the works of RB White interest you, you should know their rates, which are quite accessible, they start from 50US $ for sketches in pencils and white covers of comics, their rates range from between 120US $ 160US $ with a single character , if you want to contact him you can do it through his personal page on Facebook, by clicking here.

In the same way, you can follow the development of his graphic novel in development by following his Facebook page The Heir- Graphic Novel by RB White, as well as his page on Deviant Art.

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