Wolverine would already have plans for his MCU debut

With the merging between studios from 20th Century Fox and Walt Disney Pictures, including Marvel Studios, one of the most anticipated characters to make a comeback is Wolverine, and there are already plans for him to be part of the MCU.

This bit of information was revealed via the Cosmic Book News website, Wolverine’s debut on the MCU would be part of Captain Marvel 2’s plot, the film already entered its production stage.

In April 2020, Marvel Comics will publish Captain Marvel’s 17th issue, where Carol Danvers would team up with Wolverine, in a storyline written by Kelly Thompson.

On this issue, Logan, the same as Hazamat, Monica Rambeau, Jessica Jones and Spider-Woman join Carol Danvers in her house for a game of poker. Until the appearance of The Nexus makes the heroes join forces to fight against it.

Kevin Feige would be in charge of this issue’s Marvel editorial branch, thanks to his appointment as Chief Content Officer (CCO).

Another hero that might make an appearance on Captain Marvel 2 is Spider-Man, according to the website, based on the brief encounter both heroes had in Avengers: Endgame, besides the mention of Carol Danvers in Spider-Man: Far From Home.

Henry Cavill; The new Wolverine ?

Cosmic Book News also mentioned that Marvel Studios would be considering to cast, british actor, Henry Cavil as Wolverine.

Although Cavill is well known as an actor for the Distinguished Competition, a factor that would move the actor away from the role of the mutant is his height.

Wolverine’s height in the comic books is 5’2(1.61m), while Cavill’s height is 6’2(1.90m).

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