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Have you ever given a completely inappropriate answer to some simple question? Did you consider that, instead of getting a mean look, you should have been rewarded just for the fun of it? Well, this is probably a game for you!

Game of HAM
Design: Bill S. Naim
Year: 2019
Players: 3-16
Playing time: 20-120 minutes
Age: 18+

In Game of HAM, the main objective is to have fun. Of course it has a winner, but as long as you have a good time while playing it, you win anyway.

How to play it

If you have played Cards Against Humanity, you will understand immediately the main mechanics for HAM, but it’s not a requirement, anyways.

In this game, one player will ask a question that all the other players will answer with a card from their hand. The card that proves to be the best wins, and the player it belonged to gets to advance in the board.

There are different types of spaces where you can land on the board, but they can be summarized like this:

  • Colored spaces: when you land in one of these, you get a card of the same color of the space. These cards have special abilities that will help you in the game.
  • Numbered spaces, which can make you go ahead the quantity of spaces the number says, but after which you can’t take a card in case you arrive on a colored one.
  • White spaces. These don’t do anything on their own. Nevertheless, you advance through the board in a similar way to Sorry!, which means that if you fall over somebody else on the board, they’ll have to go back to the nearest white space.

There are more things to be explained, but let’s watch a good summary on everything you need to know to play the basi version of Game of HAM.

If there’s any downside to this game, it could be its esthetics, on the art of the box and the design of the board.

Nevertheless, functionality is amazing and has been chosen over appearance on the game, and it’s definitely worth trying before judging it.

In general, if you are looking for a party game, give Game of HAM a chance. Your young-adult friends will thank you for it.

Have you already played it? Do you have a different opinion about it?Let us know in the comments!

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