Jason Martin talks to C506 about his new project, PRINCE-S STARtief

Today at C506 we had a great opportunity to interview the talented comic creator Jason Martin. We invite you to continue with us.

Jason Martin has worked in and around the comic book industry for over 10 years. Working both behind the scenes as a publisher, and as a creative in every aspect of comics.

Recent works of his own include the ongoing monthly series Vampblade, and the Danger Doll Squad crossover mini-series’ and PRINCE-S STARthief, which has had a relaunch and it is being financed on  kickstarter. We’ve had a chance to talk to him a little bit about this new series, se we hope you enjoy this interview.

C506: Hello Jason, it is a pleasure to have you with us today, first I would like to tell you that I am sure that our readers must be excited about PRINCE-S STARthief, but we would like to know, for someone who is reading to us for the first time, how would you introduce this new comic?

Jason M.: PRINCE-S STARthief is the latest in a collection of comic book concepts of mine called Pulp Girls that each play with different genres, and it features a hard-drinking black hole sword slinging female character with twin buns of hair (evocative of a certain other space princess). It’s an all-out thrill ride of a sci-fi story set in the future where mankind, enslaved by monarchic corporations, has spread to the stars.

C506: Wow, it really sounds like something exciting, but now I am sure that many of us would like to know more about this character, could you tell us who is PRINCE-S STARthief?

Jason M.: Our PRINCE-S is the daughter of one such royal brand, who, instead of going through with her arranged marriage, travels the galaxy causing trouble for her powerful family! Striking out on her own, she slips through corporate fingers to steal and stockpile the galaxy’s most lethal tech. But also, she likes to drink and smoke future tech WISK-e and CIGa-rets!!

C506:  On a personal level I can tell you that I am extremely anxious to be able to read your comic, I am sure that many of our readers must be anxious, but now, we have been able to read that this comic will be a relaunch of this series, what differences could we find within this new comic compared to the previous one?

Jason M.:  I originally launched the book a few years ago with a first issue on Kickstarter. But since I was unable to continue the book at that time, and now have another artist – the fabulous frequent co-collaborator of mine, Winston Young – I thought it was best to relaunch with an updated first issue. So, the new Kickstarter is for an updated and expanded version of that! Right now it’s 32 pages, but with funding stretch goals, it could get even bigger and bigger!

C506: We would also like to know, do you think anyone can read your comic? Referring to both new and veteran readers in comics.

Jason M.: Oh certainly. PRINCE-S STARthief is perfect for fans of comics, movies, TV, or animation that pushes genres and boundaries, and aims to give you a fun time for your money.

Plus Winston and I have been making comics together for years, so we’re working hard to make this the coolest thing we’ve done yet!!
It’s Star Wars meets Tomb Raider by way of Aeon Flux… with SPACE, DRUGS, and ROCK-N ROLL!

C506:  This pair of brilliant minds really have a lot to offer, finally, Jason, would you like to give us a few words to invite our readers to purchase PRINCE-S STARthief?

Jason M.: The Kickstarter is for the first issue of the comic book, so whether you just want to read it digitally, or snag a top-quality collectible, the campaign has something for you! From amazing variant covers by incredible artists, to a custom 3.75″ action figure.

It’s truly a passion project of mine, and I appreciate everyone that takes the time to check it out, back it, or spread the word!

PRINCE-S STARtief really has a lot to offer, we invite you to visit the kickstarter page of this project  Pulp Girls: PRINCE-S STARthief 1 REDUX, where can you pre-order your copy!

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