(C506- Review) Age of Dogfights: WW I , an incredible strategy game developed by Forsage Games

Forsage Games has offered us a great air combat experience based on the First World War. At C506 we have had the opportunity to have this game and we will tell you about our experience.

Before mentioning the gameplay of Age of Dogfights: WW I  it is necessary to cover the physical characteristics of the game.

Starting from the box, going through the manual, the board and each of the pieces present in Age of Dogfights have a beautiful finish, extremely pleasing to the eye and developed with high quality.

Exactly, within Age of Dogfights you can find:

  • Board (3 bi-fold segments) total size 70 x 63 cm.
  • 4 Board Extensions
  • 54 Plastic Aircraft Pieces
  • 100 Plastic Altitude Stands (5 Heights x 20)
  • 18 Plane Control Panels
  • 60 Red and Green Counters for use on the Plane Control panels
  • 24 Photo markers
  • 30 Bomb markers
  • 30 Plastic Damage Markers
  • 24 Plastic Ace/Rookie markers
  • 3 Plastic Tilt Compensators
  • 6 Plastic Task Zone Markers
  • 3 Initial Position Markers
  • Sun and Wind Indicators
  • 10 Plastic Cloud Markers
  • 5 d6 Dice
  • Rulebook
  • Shooting Chart

Within the planes that we can find are:

Albatross D.V
Aviatik DFW C.V
Fokker E.IV
Fokker Dr.I
Fokker D.VII

Hanriot HD.3
Letord Let.5
Morane Saulnier AI
Nieuport 24
Salmson 2

Airco DH.2
Armstrong Whitworth F.K.8
Bristol F.2 Fighter
Handley Page O/400
Royal Aircraft Factory S.E.5
Sopwith Camel

Now, regarding the gameplay, Age of Dogfights is quite easy to learn to play, just by reading the manual quickly you can be enjoying this game.

On the other hand, the implementation of flight levels, the Triangle Movement System, as well as the gyroscopic effect give it an added effect that increases the challenge in the game, but gives a really satisfying experience.

It should be noted that Age of Dogfights is one of the best experiences you can enjoy if you are a follower of the First World War or lover of flight simulators, so do not hesitate to buy a copy of this game. For this we invite you to enter the following link https://age-of-dogfights-ww1.backerkit.com/hosted_preorders

In this link you can find the game + all the items unlocked in the game’s kickstarter campaign, as well as the expansions of the same game and different games developed by Forsage Games

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