Rob Hicks tells us about his amazing personal project, Succubus, don’t miss it

Since its launch in 2014, Succubus has managed to elicit an incredible response from its followers. At C506 we had the great opportunity to talk a little more about this project with its creator, Rob Hicks, we invite you to continue with us.

Without further delay, below we leave you this interview.

C506: Hello Rob, it is a pleasure to talk to you about your project. Initially, I would like you to tell us about Succubus. How was the creative origin of Succubus?

Rob Hicks: I wanted to create an erotic comic book with a cool and powerful female protagonist. A succubus character that did not look like all the old succubus mythology stories from past cultures. I started her story as an excuse to take a break from drawing my other action comic series, Hooded Cobra.

C506: This origin is very interesting, referring to this cool and powerful female protagonist, in Succubus we have Ximena as the main character, do you think you could tell us a little more about her?

Rob Hicks: Ximena is a succubus by birth, she comes from a family bloodline of succubi. She works as a superstar nightclub performer and webcam model. Much like how humans need food and water to live, Ximena needs sexual energy and orgasm fluids to survive. She has purple hair as well as a tail tattoo that moves across her body like a real tail and always draws people’s attention!

C506: Now, Rob, how could you introduce this incredible comic for all those people who haven’t had the opportunity to read it yet?

Rob Hicks: Succubus is a fun, hardcore erotic comic series that is lighthearted with lots of crazy sexy action about Ximena’s life and adventures!

C506: Excellent Rob, I am sure that many people must be interested in the comic, however, for those of us who have been able to follow your work, what can we expect from this new issue?

Rob Hicks: The new issue 4 follows Ximena on her world trip to locate her mother’s former mistress after defeating her sister Luna and returning her to her padded cell. During the trip, Ximena discovers more about herself, her powers, and what it means to be a succubus.

C506: Finally, Rob, would you like to give a final comment to all our readers?

Rob Hicks: Succubus is a very fun title for me to write and draw, but I had never thought it would go beyond 1 or 2 issues. It is now at issue 4 because of the overwhelming response I’ve had from fans and followers! So, I made a promise to them that I will keep creating Succubus comics for as long as the fans want to read it! Thanks for reading, thanks for following, and thank you for ALL of your support for indie comics and creators!

We are very grateful to Rob for having had the time to speak with C506 and we take the opportunity to invite them to visit his project on Kickstarter, where you can acquire this new issue of Succubus as well as obtain different additional rewards Succubus #4: Lilith’s Garden by Spiral Ink Comics.

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