GET DUKED! is now available worldwide on Amazon Prime!

Ninian Doff brought together the GET DUKED! cast for a wildly unique video that works as a short film, featuring a mythical museum that spotlights an alternate history in which Run the Jewels has existed for thousands of years influencing all art and culture!
“It’s pretty unbelievable this happened. Firstly that I got to make a music video for one of my favorite bands starring the cast of my debut film – it’s such an insane meeting of passions I’m still pinching myself,” said Doff. “I’ve made music videos for Run the Jewels in the past and their music is a vital part of the GET DUKED! soundtrack.”
In celebration of the release of GET DUKED!, Amazon Music has partnered with Twitch for a watch party featuring Run The Jewels for the “Out of Sight” video and GET DUKED!.

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