The Tokyo Game Show is on! Gamera Game just celebrated their online conference, Gamera Game Now! – Tokyo Game Show Special, where this Chinese indie publisher presented a line-up of 10 outstanding indie games. Several of these are brand new games, shown today to the world for the first time – take a seat and watch the show with us in Gamera’s youtube channel, or read our summary below. You can download screenshots of all the games here. We’re in for a ride to introduce you to the line-up of Gamera Game!

Dyson Sphere Program

Platform: Steam
Release date: Early 2021
Developer: Youthcat Games

Dyson Sphere Program is a sci-fi space simulation game. In this game you will build your own interstellar industrial empire from scratch, collecting materials, making items, building automated factories, setting production lines, forming interstellar transport team and developing science and technology. Your ultimate goal is to build a giant artificial celestial body: a Dyson Sphere, an artifact capable of harnessing the energy of a star! The game is due to release on Steam in early 2021, and Gamera Game showed a 10 minutes-long gameplay video with commentary for the first time.

Warriors of the Nile

Platform: Steam/Switch
Release date: Available on Steam now, Switch version coming soon
Developer: Stove Studio

Warriors of the Nile is a fast-paced tactical roguelike game. Players lead three characters to battle against enemies in a 9×9 battlefield. By choosing hierograph skill tablets, upgrading buildings, and gathering equipment, your squad will get more and more powerful. The roguelike elements ensure a fresh experience in each run. At the end of today’s video, three new game characters and new levels were introduced. The game is currently available on Steam, and its Switch release will be announced soon.

The Rewinder

Platform: Steam/Switch
Release date: Early 2021
Developer: MistyMountainStudio

The Rewinder is an adventure puzzle game based on Chinese mythology. During the show, Gamera Game’s hosts discussed  with the dev team the key features of the game and the concepts and ideas behind its art design. In the game, the protagonist will travel back to the past through time and space, and use his special perception ability to change people’s ideas to influence the plot. Its unique pixel art style, inspired by ink paintings, gives a very strong “Chinese” vibe. The demo of The Rewinder is now available on Steam, and full game is due to release in early 2021.

Amazing Cultivation Simulator

Platform: Steam
Release date: Available now
Developer: GSQ Games

Amazing Cultivation Simulator is a blend of tycoon, survival and roguelike elements, inspired by games such as Dwarf Fortress. In it you play as a sort of God that creates and guides its own cult. He game has already sold more than 600,000 game copies in China. During this conference, the game released a brand new trailer, and announced that the official English version of the game will come in Q4 2020.


Platform: Steam
Release date: Early 2021
Developer: Shiying Studio

A horror narrative puzzle game inspired by Chinese traditional ghost stories that brings a thrilling, harrowing experience to players. The game tells a story of an accidental fire involving a massacre. In the game, players will have to investigate and discover the truth behind a supposedly accidental fire that caused a massacre. The demo of Firework is now available on Steam, and the full game is due to release in early 2021.

Death Scream Land

Platform: Steam
Release date: 2021
Developer: Keel Productions

One of the games that made its debut at this show. Death Scream Land is a new horror puzzle game with a unique art style. It is expected to be available on steam in 2021.


Platform: Steam
Release date: 2020 October
Developer: Nerve Singer Inc.

Another brand new game that Gamera Game introduced today, EmptyBottle is a fresh styled, thought-provoking narrative adventure game. Players will embark on an adventure in a world that’s full of cups, bottles and jars.

The Rule of Land: Pioneers

Platform: Steam
Release date: Available now
Developer: Horgee Games

The Rule of Land: Pioneers is a single-player survival game. You need to use all the resources you can get from the wasteland as well as compete with others in the game to survive. The only goal is to be the last man standing. The game is now available on Steam.


Platform: iOS/Switch
Release date: Available on AppStore now, Switch version coming soon
Developer: Wild Kid Games
A puzzle game with two protagonists, a father and a daughter. Players can control time via the clock to change the world. You can find the game on AppStore now; the Nintendo Switch version is expected to be available in 2020.

Infliction: Extended Cut

Platform: Switch
Release date: 2020
Developer: Caustic Reality

Infliction: Extended Cut is a horror game that require you to solve a mystery in a haunted mansion. The game is expected to be sold in Hong Kong and Japan area in Nintendo Switch in 2020.

That was the whole line-up at today’s show, but Gamera Game will keep always bringing you compelling, interesting and engaging indie games for players of the whole world. Later today we’ll send you more details about some of these games. Stay tuned!

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