Visual novel on mental health ‘Syntherapy’ now available

V Publishing has today launched Syntherapy, a visual novel where players are tasked with discovering how to save an artificial lifeform going through a psychological crisis.

In this visual novel, players take on the role of Dr. Melissa Park, a psychotherapist called to Petrichor University by a research student named Tara Northrop. Tara has created an experimental therapy AI, named Willow. Willow is so advanced that its creators become concerned when it starts exhibiting signs of declining mental health and Dr. Park is sought out to assess and potentially treat the experimental AI.

Dr. Harold Freeman, the President of the university, is worried that Willow’s possible sentience could have wider ethical ramifications for the University. He’s in a heated battle with the University Ethics committee, and he reluctantly agrees to Dr. Park’s help.

With more than 30 endings and outcomes for players to experience, Syntherapy sensitively looks at the ethics surrounding advanced AI and explores a variety of topics related to mental health. The game asks wider questions of its audience and the moral behavior of humans, as they design and construct artificially intelligent beings.

Syntherapy is not recommended for children or those who may be affected by such subject matter.

A full list of features include:

  • Challenging and thought-provoking dialogue choices.
  • A complex loyalty management system that takes player choices, play style, and chosen topics into account.
  • A variety of in-game music to select during session planning.
  • Over 30 possible endings!
  • Explore a variety of topics related to mental health while uncovering the mysterious backstories of all the main characters.
  • Full voiceover with an amazing cast of voice talent.

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