Splinterlands sells out first-ever Land Pre-Sale event

 Splinterlands, the collectible card game where items hold real world value, has wrapped up its first-ever land pre-sale event and instantly sold out 30,000 plots of in-game land valued at $225,000. Splinterlands recently announced it’d be bringing land as a way for players to harvest resources, construct buildings, craft items, create spells, and more. Land is a new addition critical to the game’s upcoming expansion.

The Splinterlands team created a distinct lottery system as a way to fairly raffle off the highly sought out plots. Through this system, 27,000 of the available 30,000 plots would be up for raffle, giving everyone a chance to win. Plots are purchasable through single plots, tracts (100 plots) or regions (1000 plots). The lottery system offered 27 regions to its players.  The first raffle concluded and more plots were sold than available leading to an instant sell out.

The second round of the pre-sale starts on November 28th with another 30 regions (30,000 plots) for sale in the same lottery format.  The pre-sale on November 28th comes with a 40% discount on purchases. The third and final round of the presale starts on December 19th with a 30% discount on the final 30,000 plots.

“Our community is incredibly hungry for the new content and innovations we bring to the game and their support shows,” said Dr. Jesse “aggroed” Reich, CEO of Splinterlands. “We’d like to thank every one of our players and let you know we have future opportunities planned for Land acquisition and more content in development.”

With nearly 10,000 monthly active accounts and 5-7k daily active accounts, Splinterlands continues to thrive as an in-demand, exclusive title with unique offerings like blockchain transactions, real world value of its cards, and continuously updated content. Every battle is a unique challenge that consists of dynamically created combat rules, a timed team building session, and the battle itself. Splinterlands combines the collectability and resale value of physical card games with the convenience and speed of a digital game.

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