Story-Driven Sensory Adventure ‘DeLight’ Will Arrive November 19

Developer DreamTree Games along with publisher Wexplore Games are thrilled to announce that award-winning sensory story-driven adventure DeLight, will be available for players on Steam, the App Store, and Google Play beginning November 19. DeLight is an immersive experience that puts players in the shoes of a young blind girl named Sammy, who finds herself facing the perils of a war-torn city as she tries to reunite with her parents.

The world of DeLight is presented through visual representations of Sammy’s imagination and her perception of the world around her. Throughout her journey, Sammy must rely on the aid of her canine companion Deli, as well as her key senses, to help make decisions, solve puzzles, and aid the citizens they encounter.

Sammy will rely on her acute sense of hearing and smell to help steer her and Deli in the direction of their goal of finding Sammy’s parents. Sammy is able to use sounds and smells as a way to investigate the environment around her, as well as track specific items or locations. These cues are represented by waves that Sammy is able to follow, such as the familiar perfume scent of a friend or by knowing the person she is looking for often sits beside a radio.

Featuring quick-time events and multiple story outcomes, DeLight will challenge players to think on their feet to escape dangerous situations. Every decision that players make throughout the story will determine Sammy and Deli’s fate as they work their way through the perilous war-torn city streets.

DeLight will be arriving for PC and mobile on November 19. Pre-registration for Android and iOS is currently open. PC players can wishlist the game on Steam now and can look forward to a demo arriving next week. For more information on DeLight visit the official Facebook page and Twitter, or join the official Discord.

A list of features include:

  • The emotional and story-driven adventure of a blind girl navigating a city in wartime.
  • Discover every corner of the city through Sammy’s imagination with the help of her canine companion Deli.
  • Utilize Sammy’s heightened sense of smell and hearing to help track friends, items, and locations.
  • Meet people along the way, learn about their hardships, and help those in need.
  • Sneak through dangerous and heavily guarded areas as you search for Sammy’s parents and react quickly to dangers with quick-time events.
  • Shape Sammy’s story and the lives of those around her with your decisions.
  • Stylized animated world that reflects Sammy’s perspective of the world.

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