EXCLUSIVE Interview Todd McFarlane talks about EVERYTHING – Spawn’s Universe

In TheYearofSpawn we talked again with our friend ToddMcFarlane from Image, Mcfarlane Toys and Spawn

Topics include: *Spawn’s Universe new information. 21st Century’s greatest release for #ImageComics (In his own words =) *Status of the movie *Does Todd writes in advance and how long? *Is Image still independent or it is the third house already? *The difference between Image and the big 2 with characters’ creators (Hint: ROYALTIES) *ANGELA *The artists who inspired his art style *Upcoming Action Figures *TV PROJECTS COMING *Which character he wishes he created? Check it out, we are sure you will discover things you didn’t know about him or Spawn.

Wanna talk about

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In figure reviews, we have hordak mondo 1/6!!