A barbarian girl take the world in their hands in The Book of Barb

Incredible artist J. Burrello (Blinky & Salt, Woolly the Big Cow) brings The Book of Barb to life. Continue with us to know the whole story of this wonderful work.

Two years ago, J. Burrello started the journey of Barb, a web comic inspired by Conan, Xena and Frazetta. His story presents us a tiny barbarian girl, who had lost everything and was forced to wander through many monster-filled wastelands.

This Book of Barb will chronicle the entire Barb saga thus far. Whether she’s battling the terrible Skelemen of the Dwunge, accidentally becoming the Queen of the Sea, atomizing Kornog’s ex, or engaging in a barbarian standoff, Barb never falters in her resolve to destroy anyone who gets in her way.

In this edition you can find 130+ pages of her adventures bound altogether, which you can get through Kickstarter, with tiers that start from $20 USD + shipping. If you want to see more of this incredible work, we invite you to see some panels below.


If you want to purchase your copy of The Book of Barb by J. Burrello or learn more about the project, you can click here and go directly to the project page.

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