(C506-Spotlight) Meet Genisis, an angel sent from heaven to observe humanity – Only on kickstarter

C506 proudly presents you Genisis #1, a Supernatural story taking place in Victorian England that will take you on a rollercoaster ride. Continue with us to know all the details of this great comic.

Genisis is the teenage angel girl sent from the heavens from the beginning of time to observe the evolution of Earth. Knowing what fate lies in store for not only the planet but all humanity, Genisis begins to wonder if there is a way that she can alter the path.

Genisis was born from the brilliant creative hands of the writer Jason Dube, along with the incredible artistry of  Sarch D. (Sergio Robles), with Colors by Diego Vasquez and Lettering by Jaymes Reed.

Below you can find a preview of this amazing comic.

Additionally, we show you a video where the development of the concept art of Genisis is presented!

If you want to get your copy of Genisis # 1, you can do it from $ 20 on the official page of the project, so if you want to pre-order or learn more about the different tiers, we invite you to see their project on kickstarter GENISIS Comic Book Issue # 1 – The teenage angel, Genisis, defies the rules of Heaven to change the Earth’s fate.

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