Discover The Touring Test: an almost autobiographical webcomic by Elizabeth Jancewicz

The Touring Test: Delusionally Optimistic It is the second volume of The Touring Test, a compilation of various comic strips developed by artist Elizabeth Jancewicz. Continue with us to discover all its secrets.

Elizabeth Jancewicz is a full time artist, with her band Pocket Vinyl, performing live paintings with her band.

Since 2017 Elizabeth is a comic artist and has developed The Touring test, an autobiographical comic where she tells us about her adventures, which will be full of cats, behind the scenes and how her life has been as a self-employed artist.

The Touring Test already had its first volume, and now with Delusionally Optimistic its second volume is presented. It is currently being developed on Kickstarter and below you can find the different rewards that you can obtain.

Additionally, in this campaign you can get the first copy of The touring test, as well as prints, Pocket Vinyl CDs, original art and more!

We invite you to visit the kickstarter project of this wonderful comic The Touring Test: Delusionally Optimistic – A second book of “The Touring Test” comics!

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