The Horror Returns in Zombies vs Cheerleaders Trade Paperback Volume 3 – A Kickstarter exclusive

5E presents its first major project and it is about Zombies vs Cheerleaders Trade Paperback Volume 3. Continue with us and unwrap all the mysteries we have for you.

5E was born as a collaboration  of 5FINITY Productions and Entity Comics. The publisher, Bill Maus, has been creating amazing indie comics for almost 30 years, including his flagship title, Nira-X: Cyberangel. The editor-in-chief, Steven L. Frank, has been creating content for comic books and trading cards for 12 years.

And now, the long awaited Zombies vs Cheerleaders Volume 3 Trade Paperback is here! Reprinting the three issue 3 Finger Prints run and the four issue Zenescope run, as well as 2020 ZvC Geektacular 2020! This trade is 168 pages of fun and gore! Cover by Pasquale Qualano!

Featuring creator Steven L. Frank, Rich Koslowski (The 3 Geeks), Bill Maus (Nira-X:Cyberangel), Dave Franchini (Zenescope Entertainment), Heather Finley (Aspen Comics), David Namisato, Matt Hebb (Simpsons Comics), Ander Sarabia, Eric Esquival (Adventure Time), Danielle Gransaull, and many more!

Below you can find a preview of this wonderful trade paperback.

As if this were not enough, you can also find nine virgin retro variants available for Zombies vs Cheerleaders Classic #1, a massive 48 page comic reprinting classic ZvC stories! Cover artists include Justin Ridge, Mike DeBalfo, Joe Pekar, Dominic Marco, Ryan Kincaid, Elias Chatzoudis, and Dean Yeagle!

You can also find articles for both new followers, as well as for the most loyal followers of the series with unique rewards for your collection!

You can participate in this project from $ 10, so do not hesitate to enter his page on kickstarter to support this incredible comic  Zombies vs Cheerleaders Trade Paperback Volume 3.

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