Come and discover with us Hades-Syndrome: Hunting season

The post-apocalyptic saga “Hades-Syndrome” with the adventures of Dodo and Nuke is published in Germany by TheNextArt since 2007. But now, for the first time,  it will arrive in English in this new kickstarter project. Continue with us and discover all the details about this new comic.

Hades-Syndrome is a comic of German origin that introduces us a near future. Twenty years of global war for the last energy resources have left large parts of Europe in desolation. A new wall separates Germany. On the one side dwell the last remnants of a prosperous society, and on the other side the third world.

Here, in this world of the poor, the so-called Quarantine-Zone, we meet Dodo and Nuke. Together they struggle to survive in a world full of anarchy, violence and murder.

In Hades-Syndrome – Hunting Season

The book will be published in US format (6,69″ x 10,24″ / 17 x 26 cm). The 140 pages book comes in two versions – Trade Paperback and Hardcover – with three different covers. The books are printed on high-quality paper with sturdy thread sewing.

Delving into history, A serial killer known as Dearhunter is on the loose in the Quarantine Zone, and the number of his victims steadily increases. Meanwhile Dodo and Nuke are fighting their inner demons. While Dodo suffers from the withdrawal symptoms of going cold turkey.

To distract themselves from their problems, Dodo and Nuke start to hunt the Dearhunter independently of each other, taking the chance that they could lose everything.

Below you can find a preview of this story.

We invite you to know this story for yourself, for this enter the kickstarter project of the comic and delve into this great story

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