Gaslighters returns to Kickstarter with a new comic, discover it with us.

Gaslighters presents us with a new comic, this being its third issue. Continue with us to know all the details.

The star writer, John Stewart, presents his third kickstarter campaign “Gaslighters #3” . Along with artists William Allan Reyes, Gian Luca Spaminato, and colorist Michael Yakutis.

If you are new to the series, we invite you to see the trailer for issue 1, which you can see below.

What’s Gaslighters #3 about?

Gaslighters #3 is a 36 page, full color comic, single issue from the Gaslighters series. It continues where we left off with Gaslighters #2, explaining the days and years after the Wasting Virus outbreak and how it lead to the Dying War; a fight against the Dying Breed.

While Demonk’s fate looms in the hands of doctors, Zoey Chase a.k.a. Nightmare, discovers that there is an new mysterious murderer on the loose in Los Angeles. In the wake of her hunt to uncover the identity of this new villain; she finds herself face to face with a monster she already knew and used to fear.

Will Zoey be triumphant in her quest to avenge her friend or will she too end up a victim as well? Find out in this issue of Gaslighters.

Can I see a preview of the comic?

Yes of course. You can read it below.

Additionally, the comic has a large number of variant covers, which we invite you to know by entering the project page, where you can find updates and additional information .

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