Frank Forte and Asylum Press invite us to enter the dark with Halloween Horror Box

Frank Forte and Asylum Press present: THE HALLOWEEN HORROR BOX, an experience that you cannot forget. Continue with us and enjoy the horrors we have for you.

Asylum Press announces the launch of Halloween Horror Box, a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter that offers regular and variant covers to a selection of all-new horror comics.

Titles you can find include: Vampire Macabre: Halloween Special #1, Zombie Terrors: Halloween Special #1, EEEK!: Halloween Special #1, Asylum of Horrors: Halloween Special #1 and Vampires: Halloween Special #1.

Asylum Press brings you a horrific blood thirsty collection of all-new horror comics featuring an international cast of artistic talent!

Below you can find all the information of the comics

Additionally, you will be able to find a series of unique variant covers, as well as original art and more rewards. So do not hesitate to enter the project page

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