Meet the Gods of Egypt with Egyptium – Luxury Playing Cards

The artist Oleg Shapkin and April GS come together to bring the Gods to life in Egyptium. Come and discover this incredible set of cards.

In this wonderful project we can find thematic letters from ancient Egypt. We can find three different sets of cards that are limited to 100 copies each.

You can find the following styles:

  • Sunny
  • Sapphire
  • Ruby

You can also improve your card set with exclusive luxury cases made of American TOUCHE COVER Cardboard with foil thematic application of Egyptian shapes, drawn by the artist Oleg Shapkin with the author’s signature on each box in a circle on the end.

The circulation of luxury cases is limited and will never be reissued in this design.

What advantages do these cards offer me?
  • Durability of use
  • Presentable unique look
  • Convenience and ease of use
  • Accommodates a deck with or without a box
  • Pleasant tactile sensations of the fingers from the material

You can also find unique Designer 3D Boxes made of solid exotic wood specially for gift sets and collectors. The boxes are difficult to manufacture on a 4-coordinate CNC machine with the technology of precise cutting of a very small bas-relief on the lid.

And is there anything else I can find in this project?

Sure you can, April GS created sets of unique collectible postcards of the project, 19 pictures drawn by the artist’s hand. The format of postcards is A5, 210x150mm.

Postcards maximally repeat the image of the original without processing. The size is larger than the card in the deck, and therefore, you can see each character better. On the back of each postcard is a description of the character and a little history of the creation of the gods. The postcards were printed on digital equipment in the printing house in a limited edition of 100 sets. The cost of the kit is $25

The project is currently being funded through a kickstarter. So if you want to be part of it or learn more about the project, we invite you to enter its page

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