(C506 – Interview) Doug Wagner talks about Narco, his new Kickstarter campaign and more

C506’s good friend Doug Wagner had a successful Kickstarter campaign with Thomas River. Now, he launches a new campaign with Narco, no no drug cartels involved. It is a story about a narcoleptic guy. But he will tell you better.

Also, he is launching the Deluxe Hardcover Edition of one of his greatest hits: Plastic.

We really need Plastic in Hardcover, C506 is pleased to see this KS and we hope you guys aer willing to support this beauty. The world needs to read Plastic.

Before starting, here is the link to support the campaign

We had an interview with Doug, talking important points about the KS and More.


And here is a preview of the first chapter of Narco


Doug it’s been a while since we spoke about Thomas River.
What news do you have on your Kickstarter?

Well, I just launched a new Kickstarter for NARCO and the PLASTIC: DELUXE EDITION HARDCOVER. NARCO is a new book by Daniel Hillyard and I and is part of what we’re now calling the PLASTIC-VERSE. NARCO is about a young narcoleptic who passes out every time her gets too excited. When he’s framed for murder by a serial killer, he has to fight to stay awake if he wants to live. It’s available as a softcover or a hardcover. The all-new PLASTIC: DELUXE EDITION hardcover is the first time Plastic is available as a hardcover. It has new features in the back and a brand new 6-page Edwyn story.

For the audiences having a HC means a better way of having their favorite stories and it comes with extras, but for an author, is there any feeling of accomplishment when a story goes to TPB or HC? or it is just a visual thing?

Oh, I’m a total book nerd, so I LOVE hardcovers. It’s always been a dream of mine to have one of my works in hardcover, so being able to make that happen is amazing. It wouldn’t be possible WITHOUT Kickstarter.

Do you plan stop working at all with publishing houses for new projects and move 100% to Kickstarter or similar?

Absolutely not. My plan is to continue publishing traditionally as well as through Kickstarter. Some of the projects I create just aren’t well suited for the traditional route. Just based on their subject matter or style, I would most likely lose money putting them out through those channels. Now with Kickstarter, those books can have a life and reach the folks that would enjoy them. To me, Kickstarter is the place for my more niche projects. It’s like my consignment store. 🙂

On our last talk you were talking about an adaptation of one of your stories. Can you give us more information on that at this moment?

All I can say is that typically Hollywood moves at a really slow pace. Until papers are signed and checks are mailed, I’m not allowed to say anything more. 🙁

Well, we tried!!

With things coming back to “normal” what do You expect from the industry? Everything will be the same?

Well, I don’t expect “normal” to return for at least another year. There’s now a worldwide paper shortage that’s affecting comics in a big way. Books are being pushed back or cancelled, costs have skyrocketed… we’re nowhere near out of the fire yet.

However, when it all does settle, I believe the industry will look drastically different and the same all at once. Creators, publishers, and comic books stores have already been forced to evolve. I don’t have a crystal ball, but from what I’m seeing, those willing to change and adjust will survive.

What would you think is going to be the biggest evolution? Format? Distribution channels?

Yes to all of it. LOL. I know that’s an odd answer, but we’re already seeing all of those change. DC and Marvel have already changed their distribution models and I don’t expect that to stop evolving. It seems like indie publishers are doing the same almost daily. Formats are changing as well – Substack, Comixology, and Kickstarter have allowed and encouraged that change, and I believe we’re seeing just the tip of that iceberg. I mean, there’s no way I’m able to do a hardcover for my books without crowdfunding, and I wasn’t able to do one until this past year. That’s just a small indicator in an ocean of change.

Coming back to Narco, what was your inspiration?

The idea was spawned by Keven Gardner, President of 12-Gauge Comics. He came to Daniel and I with this crazy idea for a mystery/thriller that involved this guy with narcolepsy. We bounced different approaches at him… You want a Plastic style book? Something with fluorescent, sleep aliens? How about a book set in space? Luckily for all of us, Keven wanted us to try something inspired by Alfred Hitchcock, which was perfect. Daniel and I are both Hitchcock fans and jumped at the chance to try to do a comic inspired by that genius. I can’t tell you how much fun it’s been doing our version of Hitchcock.

By talking about a plastic-verse you mean Narco takes place on the same reality? Any crossover planned?

Narco does indeed take place in the same reality as Plastic. We now have a ton of plans in store for the Plastic-verse, but I can’t give too much away. I’ll say this. If everything goes according to plan and readers keep buying the books, we’ll keep making them. There’s no way that doesn’t lead into a crossover or two. 🙂

What can you tell us about the rewards for the Kickstarter goals?

We’ve kept those pretty simple this time around. There’s a softcover and hardcover tier for NARCO, a hardcover tier for the PLASTIC: DELUXE EDITION, and a nicely discounted tier for both hardcovers. Daniel has chimed in and he’s offering inked sketch tier that includes both hardcovers, and my personal favorite, the “DEAD HEAD” tier. Daniel will use your likeness, put your head in a baggie ala Edwyn style, and we’re turning that into a personalized bookplate that goes inside the Plastic hardcover. It’s a one of a kind thing I’m not sure I’ve seen anyone else do.

Your mind never stops drafting and creating. What’s next?

That is true. My brain never seems to stop. That can be good and bad. 🙂 Well, Vinyl from Image Comics finished up in November and so does the Kickstarter for Narco and Plastic: Deluxe Edition. After that, I’m slated to release two new books through Image in 2022, and I have two more books I’m working on that I’m not entirely sure where they’ll end up. I can tell you one of those is the third installment of Daniel and I’s “Material” trilogy. There was Plastic… then Vinyl… and next year… HA! You know I can’t tell you yet. 🙂

Awww. Well , will be looking forward to it. Thank you so much Doug.

Great to have Mr. Wagner in C506.

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