Start the engine and get ready, Megapulse is coming!

Orion Games presents us with a new experience in board games with Megapulse. Continue with us, and fill your next game with adrenaline!

Megapulse is an adrenaline-filled futuristic racing game inspired by tittles like Wipeout, F-Zero and Mario Kart. This action-packed experience features simultaneous action selection, insanely fun hand-building and tight gameplay until the end.

Create a track, choose a pilot, hop into any hovercar, and race your way to victory.

Now, let’s meet the key featured of the game!

 Do you want to know how to play?

We have a better proposal for you, we invite you to try the game on Tabletop and thus describe its gameplay. Here we leave you the download link of the game

What do I do if I want to buy Megapulse?

We tell you that you are very lucky, Orion Games launched their game through Kickstarter, where they not only have Megapulse for sale, but also have different expansions at prices that you will not find elsewhere. We leave you the link of his project, where you can also find out all the details of Megapulse

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