Toplitz Productions: Looking to the future with exciting projects and new personnel

Independent publisher and developer Toplitz Productions is pleased to welcome five new employees to its ranks. With this addition, Toplitz’s core team grows to almost 20 employees taking care of production, marketing, distribution as well as the communities of the constantly growing product range.

This marks the next step in a carefully planned growth strategy that focuses on quality, not quantity. Building on the success of the genre-mix Medieval Dynasty, Toplitz Productions intends to establish itself as a steady competition in the international gaming market with its in-house development as well as selected productions by external indie studios. The projects will be financed responsibly as well as sustainably, with efficiency and teamwork being as important for success as the creative freedom for the development teams.

“In recent years, we have continuously grown as a publisher for ‘premium indie’ titles. As our slogan ‘Games with Heart and Soul’ reflects, we stand for games that offer diverse and highly immersive entertainment. This is especially visible in the Dynasty franchise, where we combine various genres to offer players an engrossing, emotional and motivating gaming experience. I am delighted that Toplitz has been able to bring on board an outstanding combination of professional expertise, proven industry experience and, above all, great enthusiasm for games in the form of our new colleagues, who will now actively support us on our chosen path.” – Matthias Wünsche, CEO Toplitz Productions GmbH.

The success of this route can be proven with numbers: Medieval Dynasty has sold over 850,000 copies since its launch and the recently announced Sengoku Dynasty has already surpassed the magic Steam Wishlist mark of 100,000 users.

Industry veteran Mathias Oertel, who was working for Hamburg-based 4Players GmbH for more than 21 years, the majority of that time as managing director of the renowned online magazine, will support Toplitz as Senior Marketing & PR Manager. In addition, the communications department will be strengthened by Mounir Aouina as Marketing & Content Manager, who was involved in the launch of various projects at Daedalic Entertainment and most recently also at 4Players in Brand Management.

Mathias Oertel on his new position: “During my time at 4Players, editorially I felt at home in a wide area of genres, but over time developed an affection for indie titles in particular – and I feel this passion for the supposedly ‘small’ games with great qualities at Toplitz as well. I am very happy to be able to help the dedicated team with my experience in the next growth step and of course in the long term beyond. We have numerous exciting projects in the pipeline that will find many fans!”

As a passionate gamer, Nadja Lischo has long been an active part of the very lively gaming community. Accordingly, having majored in literary science, the jump to the localization and QA team at Toplitz was a logical consequence. In addition, she remains true to her community roots in order to act as a gateway between gamers and development to registerohem and process important user feedback.

Further strengthening the QA department is Manuel Wilding, whose gaming roots are also within the community. In addition to QA testing, he will be co-ordinating content creators and influencers for Toplitz.

On the producing side, Christian Rink will be added to the experienced and highly efficient team ensuring that the potential of each individual game is leveraged to the maximum, both for in-house productions and projects by independent studios. His credentials include Gameforge and Kalypso Entertainment, among others, having worked on titles such as Aion, S.K.I.L.L. and RockShot.

We will be happy to provide you with further details and data on the individual personnel upon request. Permission for usage of the photos included is granted.

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