League of Free Agents Announced

Time to go on an adventure! Free League Publishing today announced their official organized play program for Gamemasters all over the world – the League of Free Agents. The program will include games from the multiple award-winning tabletop RPG portfolio from Free League Publishing.

Free Agent GMs can run games at conventions, as part of official Free League events or by creating events themselves. It can be physical conventions, online conventions, or games in other venues such as local game stores.

Free Agents will also be invited to a closed forum to discuss the finer points of gamemastering Free League games. They will also receive newsletters directed specifically for organized play, about upcoming conventions and new conventions scenarios.

Each year, Free League will aim to share one new convention scenario each for most of our RPG titles. These scenarios will be made available in PDF format to Free Agents via the closed forum, typically before any general release by Free League.

Find out more & sign up for the League of Free Agents here: https://freeleaguepublishing.com/en/the-league-of-free-agents/

Becoming a Free Agent Gives Access To:

Game Scenarios

Exclusive Forum

Exclusive Newsletter

Discounts in the Free League Webshop

Exclusive Giveaways at Physical Conventions

The following game scenarios are accessible from launch:

Vaesen – A Winter´s Tale

ALIEN RPG – Fallout

Ruins of Symbaroum – Blight Night

Symbaroum – Sleepless in the Mist

Coriolis – Tamir & The Palace of Dreams

Tales From the Loop – The Haunted House

Forbidden Lands – Shadows over Long Harbour

More convention scenarios will be added in the months to come.

Do you long to open portals to wonderous worlds for friends and strangers alike? Now you have the chance to become a Free Agent!

Sign up today in order to help your fellow players reach the cold darkness of space, cursed valleys, haunted forests, the mythical North, the ’80s and ’90s that never was, or a post-apocalyptic wasteland. Strange and wondrous worlds awaits.

Games from Free League:

The One Ring™ (release date March 22)


Twilight: 2000




Forbidden Lands


Tales From the Loop


Vaesen – Nordic Horror Roleplaying





Coriolis – The Third Horizon


Mutant: Year Zero


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